Thursday, November 30, 2006

15 days

nov 15: i wrote that i felt like i was falling sick.

15 days later (today) my body finally lost the 'battle'.

it was the aching shoulders...

went to bed last night, my left shoulder had pain and was slightly numb. it kinda happens every night, but became more irritating when i am in front of the comp at home. i haven't blogged for the past few days coz the pain starts within half an hour of me typing on my comp since mon. so i watched tv instead, but for the past few mornings when i woke up, my shoulders were always aching. then last evening, i felt the numbness on my left shoulder when i was a work, which hardly happens.

so i thought that when i go home, rest and sleep, i should feel better.

but this morning when i wake up, i could feel pain and i thought i felt rather hot, like fever. so i went to the doc and told her what happened. she said i didn't have fever and the symptoms are related to being in front of the comp too often. she also said that i should try to relax and do some stretching exercises. she told me that swimming is good in helping my back as well (coz today, i felt the ache spreading to my back and waist) and i should swim freestyle coz breast stroke might aggravate the problem.

so it's time i stop procrastinating my swimming sessions and start doing it at least 2 times a week. hmm...the result of being lazy i guess. no excuses this time, should start doing something good for my body and it's a good habit to start since a new year is coming.

we'll see, i always procrastinate.

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