Wednesday, November 15, 2006

mid week madness!

skipped lunch and went shopping with SC this afternoon. finally bought my pants from Zara today but only got one. i thought i'd go crazy and purchase more. lucky i didnt.

it was a crazy day. running up and down, calling people here and there. woah, life hasn't been this fast paced for quite sometime! gee, was i tired. was supposed to meet ET for 'A Good Year' but told her i ain't in the mood for movie. thank goodness it was cancelled, for i only managed to leave office at around 6.30pm and i'd most likely fall asleep should i end up on the comfy chairs in the cinema. Sorry ET, will watch it next Tues, hopefully, the day will not be as busy and don't kill me after reading that i had fallen into temptation and shopped along the way home instead! =P

declined the girl's temptation to go mambo tonight but they accompanied me walking from office to marina and we kinda shopped while we walked. although they mentioned that it was some conference that i must attend (hello?! at Mambo?!), else i'd be killed by BBWC the next day. hmm...nice try! Had i gone, i'd prolly die and surely be killed by him, get suanned by everyone and i can still remember the horrendous morning after on last weds.

plus, i am definitely not recovering from last Weds! in fact, i think i am falling sick. the occasional moments of feeling extreme coldness even though it's prolly room temperature. then the aching shoulders, yup, even after the massage. there is also the dry throat and blocked nose. see, it's symptoms of falling sick. i wonder how long i can tahan.

i must say, walking from MT to Citylink to catch a bus ride home was indeed a bad move. i started shopping! Argh!! stepped into VNC and saw this really gorgeous pair of shoes!! I just had to try them on. and when i did, that was it. i succumbed to temptation, i bought another pair of shoes!! gosh! but i love that pair. quite different from what i have. high, partially sexy coz of the small leopard print, translucent ribbon tied on the side. plus, it's not too loud. Nice!

As i proceeded nearer to the MRT station, i dropped by Mphosis coz i needed to use my voucher before it expires. i didn't think i'd get anything, i ended up with a pair of short grey pants. the bad news is, i think the two pair of pants i bought today have the tweed look and erm i already have one pair at present which has the tweed look, oh dear! what's with the tweed?!? (@$$%!@#)

total damage for today: Zara pants, $89.90. VNC shoes, $35.90. Mphosis pants, $28.30...everything else..err, i think i've done enough shopping for this month. hmm..oh, i also booked myself for a mani and pedi session next monday. more money spent?! Ok, that's it! Not going anywhere this weekend! I'd stay home and rest, then it's Amy's 21st birthday @ EC chalet on Sat. have another wedding dinner to attend next thurs also. wah raoz, i'm broke already!! perhaps i should roti for the next few days!! but hengz i already have an idea of what to wear and no need to spend more money on clothes, but erm, i need a small glittery gold clutch bag (anyone has something i can borrow?). a hair band, hmm...a pair of matte gold earrings, maybe a necklace?? Oooohh, i really should perish all these awful thoughts begging me to spend money. *shoo shoo*

leaving you peepz with the trailer for Spidey 3 if you haven't seen it. off to zzz and get some rest!

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