Tuesday, November 14, 2006

M & Ms

got my massage today. phewz it was pure heaven!! but it ended when i almost fell asleep again!! argh, next time, i will be less conscious of my surroundings and the masseuse, then i can really fall asleep. perhaps, with an added touch of body scrub (erm an additional 30 mins actually) i'd prolly be able to drift off to dreamland. that will be next weds. haa, i cannot wait!!

i think i better start to go continuously, coz i have a feeling the shop might just close one day. plus i have another 10 sessions of facial. gosh, what have i been doing for the past few years to still have 10 facials left?? i took up this package with i left my previous shift job and it's still not over and done with. this time, i will complete it hopefully before the place close down or not.

bought barley this morning just coz i wanted to qrench my thirst whilst on my way walking to office. when i reached office, i had the intense need to go to the loo and guess what, i LS-ed. Not once, but thrice. gee, and when i went for my massage, i was sooo worried that i might just, erm LS. haha i'd spare the details coz imaginations would have prolly run wild by now, but thankfully, everything went ok. no embarrassing moments, but i'd think twice about the barley though. unless, drinking barley in the morning actually helps one to detoxify oneself. that would be good and i'd buy barley every morning.

the girls and i were supposed to go for K (kbox) lunch this afternoon, but guess what, it was sold out!! Edel said 'huh, can sold out one meh?' and the cashier just nodded his head. so we didn't have our K lunch, nor did we make use of the 1 hour to belt out whatever ballads we could sing in that limited one hour. we proceeded to the unhappening and freaking crowded marina food court instead.

Sad!!! and BOO to kbox marina for having not enough food during the K lunch hour!!

the other time when Vanny, Amy and me went, three of us were eating, singing and freezing in the room. not bad coz we managed to sing quite a number of songs, but we were all soooo damn bloody cold that our teeth were chattering and we were shaking, but it was fun even though it lasted only an hour. haa, we'd do it again another day.

went to Motor show after massage with ET and Jady. hmm..not exactly exciting having to pay $10 just to get in. the cars weren't very happening nor were the car babes standing beside the cars. we went there and just erm look at some supposedly exciting cars. come to think of it, actually the RX 8 looks better and better after more looks. as for the new MX 5 roadster coupe, like it for being more spacious and having a higher height. i didnt exactly feel damn fat sitting in the car. but didn't like the red nor the front design of the car. it's too erm round and overly curvy?! maybe black would be nice. hah, i can just imagine someone driving it =P.

anyway, we thought we should make our $10 worth it so we tried to get as many goodies bags as possible. end up we only got two. one from subaru which contained a dvd of some gallery shots, notepad, pen and a picture book or something. the other from mazda which was this freaking huge bag containing a calendar which cannot be purchased anywhere. havent seen what's featured in the calendar though.

thereafter, we went to TFS to check out how to use the items we got Jady to buy when she was in korea with darling and after that, we went home. hmm...quite an unusual girl's night out, it was different but interesting. 3 girls going to a car show with no guys. heh.. and we took many pics of the cars. will put up when i am in the mood. good thing my shots got better as i proceeded to take more, but i definitely didnt do justice to the MX 5. it just looked damn ugly..err maybe it's coz i didn't like it in red. haa!

my personal fave - the mazda 3 sp 20. hee..but damn, they had to display it in red?! oohh..and the black lambo was quite cool it actually looked a bit like the batmobile in 'batman begins'!

my conclusion: erm $10 is too much. go only if you have a car you really need to see badly. else, can just skip. or perhaps, it's coz i am not into the specs of the cars, so that's why.

off to rest. sleepy already but tummy still queasy and still feel like LS-ing...aRgh!!!

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