Wednesday, November 22, 2006

boo to me!

everyone's telling me for the $40 that i paid for the mani and pedi, i could have gotten a full set by paying just another $10 more or may even need to pay lesser for more than just express service.

sighz! *major frownz*

boo to me for not checking out and giving in to a moment of impulse and vainty.

so i learnt my lesson...dang!

anyhows, i reached office at 8am this morning. super early just coz i needed to source for another meeting room for someone else. ahhh...the grouse of a normal day's work.

2nd lesson learnt: when helping someone else to book the meeting room, ask how big is the group and for the mobile number of the person, in case something happens.

i am glad my got pk hooked to 'Prison Break', coz he's my current source for the show right now. coolz!

DH, Jeanne and CP will be back in awhile. they went off to Aussie land and were there for the past 8/9 days. guess some of us had fun sending wee hours smses to remind them to pee, it's erm what we call, a 'care for your bladder' sms reminder. actually, this started about a month back where a selected few were being sent smses from DH in the wee hours of the morning, whilst most of us were sound asleep, to wake up and go niao niao. sheesh, one wonders why he's not asleep during those weird hours. anyhow, aussie land is 3 hours ahead of us, as such, we had our fun smsing them last friday when we were hanging out at Que pasa. we ever called it 'Operation Oink'.

we really had nothing better to do!

we are prolly gonna have a movie marathon next Friday to Sat @ the Sohs', we still cannot decide on the shows though. but it's prolly gonna be a smash!! hee =)

ahhh to rest and watch 'project runway'.

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