Tuesday, November 07, 2006

creativity and me

sometimes am amazed how i can be so creative at times.

was supposed to get a dress for this coming wedding dinner i'd be attending. Pretty much frustrated as i cannot really find a nice and cheap dress.

have been walking by ESPIRIT @ Raffles City for the past couple of days and noticed their window display of mannequins. in different designs but all in black. Classy indeed, but i was not prepared to spend money on the clothes. first, the stuff are usually pricey and i don't want to look like a mannequin. so i went home and thought of what stuff i have in black. i realised that i have quite a few (actually, erm quite a lot) clothings that i have but still never wore and they have been lying there for the longest time.

so i took out a black halter top, a silky long skirt and a top to wear over the halter. paired it up with a pair of boots, i thought i looked rather funny and out dated. yuks in fact!

then somehow, i decided to pull the skirt higher all the way to below my chest. it fitted all right, but still lacked of something. remembering that i still have some black ribbons left, i tried tying it around the line between the top and the skirt, thereafter, tied a small little bow tie. thought it really looked like a dress. haha, just pray that the skirt wont drop down!!

the skirt was only 12 bucks, got it for like many years but never got to wear it! the top costs 30 odd from mango, never dare to wear it coz it was too ahem..revealing, didnt have the right occasion to wear. ribbon 1 buck or less..vola~ i got my 'dress'! hopefully i don't look pregnant. haa~

Looking forward to Fri coz most of the SIMmers are going to be there. Living deads together with the non living deads, something that happens only when one big event occurs.. nah, not the fight between the good and the evil, just a rare opportunity where all of us will be together in the same place.

tomorrow's shochu, shochu and more shochu...sake and perhaps choya @ no.5 and thereafter, a launch party!! sounds like fun! =)

but i am still tired...

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