Sunday, November 26, 2006

cambodia beckons!

met up with the gang yesterday for dinner at Yen Dining @ Oosh. I kinda chose the place but, was fine dining of Japanese food to the fullest. portions were small and pricey. ambience however was really excellent. great decor, a room to ourselves and unlimited servings of green tea. i guess we all paid $10 bucks per dish we ordered for ambience and the balance was the price of the food.

we ordered a starter which is raw tuna on japanese yam. i always have a perchant for japanese yam since my last visit to Kobe. they are crunchy and delicious, especially when bbqed and topped with bonito flakes. so simple, but it packs a punch. so i really wanted to try that dish. not many japanese restaurant serves japanese yam, and these roots dont come cheap. it can cost around $10 for just a quarter of a part of the yam!

the dish is unique in itself and so its taste i must say. the yam tastes extremely raw, but it's understandable coz it's grated into a sticky gluish form and not cooked. the tuna is fresh, pinkish with a light tinge of red and is really firm. the flaw of the dish is that the tuna and the yam just doesn't get bonded in the way they should be.

a word of advice if you were to order the dish, add some soy sauce, it definitely enhances the taste.

for my main course, i had the salmon with salmon roe and rice, it costs $25. tasty, but i can get it much cheaper and at a bigger portion elsewhere. you'd never believe how small the bowl is. for the price of $25, i expected it to be bigger. really! even if it was just lots of rice, i'd be happy. BUT, it's less than half a normal bowl of rice. can you imagine how small it is???

Yen Dining is really fine japanese dining to the extreme. other than the ambience which is to be raved about, food wise, they are creative but be prepared to fork out quite a bit and not feel full thereafter.

so i thought i wouldn't be travelling this year. so i thought i'm gonna be real pathetic and be in SG for the whole of 2006. ahhh...but, things are just unpredictable.


during dinner, jy, ann and DH were talking about cambodia which is happening during the period i took leave. and i took two more days of leave which means i can make it to cambodia with them!! i was excited, but tried not to be too hopeful. afterall, ann mentioned that most of the dates were booked the last time she checked.

so i went to check today. and lucky me, i managed to get a one way ticket from SG to Phnom Penn and another from Siam Reap to SG. in all, i think the two tickets cost $340. hmm..seems rather pricey for a budget airline (jetstar) i didnt know the return was charged in USD. anyway, now i know. This is the first time i booked airticket via internet, i hope nothing goes wrong.

i am excited about the trip! the shutterbug in me cannot wait to start snapping and i think i'd end up being a photo whore for the trip. haa~ but i fricking couldnt care less!!

Jy, Ann, Dh and me will be back on Xmas eve morning and SIMmers are already thinking of going to have our xmas eve dinner at Vino Vino. Great place, good food and value for money! think lobster pasta with a free glass of wine at a price of $18.90, how cheap is that?!

Haa, it's gonna be an exciting December!!!


Perhaps, it's something that i need to end the year with a short trip and some blasts of fun.

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