Tuesday, October 31, 2006


monday just went by and woah, i am already in a 'party' mood!

just went karaoke with DH, Kev and Jeanne and boy, did we have a whale of a time!! Sang the toughest songs, tried to resist alcohol, but that proved to be too tough halfway through coz, in the end we all gave in to temptation (except for Jeanne) as we believed that beer was our only solution to further enhance our already sweet voices. and yup, one jug of beer helped tremendously. what a start to a new week.

yes, supposedly, i was supposed to blog about a lot of things, if only i had the time. just a peep on what's coming up next in my blog.

my view about Prison Break. it's more than just breaking out of prison. more to come. and the series totally rock!

then, i was supposed to blog about the girl next door, upgrading herself to the girl upstairs and subsequently becoming the girl next block. it's an insider joke between the girls and i. haa, it's damn funny. God knows how boring life's gonna be without them.

and, i was supposed to blog about the kids at CH's place last Saturday. they were all so adorable! i wanted to put up pics as well.

thereafter, was supposed to blog about the weekend gone by and how i have ahem, seemed to taken a fancy to a game call 'bowling'.

also, darling and gf are back from korea, as are my face shop products but these product played a part in inevitably causing their luggage to be exceeded by 30 kg and had to pay a sum of $600 bucks to bring everything up the plane.

and of coz, about how i have been deprived of alcohol for the last two weeks and my thirst is building up. i'm afraid i might just down the 1 litre stella artios at one go during my next visit to ice cold. hah!

that's that, for the moment. need to catch some winks as last night i stayed awake due to too much teh and teh si. i couldn't sleep!!!! Arghhh..

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