Thursday, October 26, 2006

and i chose..

crunches and 'project runway' last night.

decided that if i read a book, i'd prolly be distracted and not get into the story. doing the former actually killed two birds with one stone. i was greedy, so i did two.

after many crunches, i decided that i forgot to do my usual squats for a couple of days. so i went ahead and did some squats since i was in the mood. gee, not sure if it was a right or wrong choice. i did two types of squats. the first was have my legs wide open and squat. the second was to have my legs open shoulder width apart and squat. i did one set of 20 for the latter and kinda regret at that point in time.

what happened later was that, slowly, the back of my thighs started to become a bit numb. then some sort of pain started to slowly creep up to my butt. thereafter, i realised i was having cramps between my thighs and butt. i was horrified coz it was the first time i ever had cramps on that area!! i was wondering what i should do. i tried to stretch, but it didn't work. so i decided to kneel down on my knees, put my head down on my bed and stretched out my hands. glad it work. i relaxed and started to breathe. woah, it was damn happening!! kudos to myself for not panicking. haa!

just did my crunches and i'd do squats again. hee, such sweet torture!

anyway, just had very raw cockles, kailan and bbq crab with ET at East Coast. Was supposed to be at newton to try the new store with the excellent cockles, but newton was too far from where we were.

i must say the cockles were the most raw cockles i've ever had!! they were blood red. gosh, they were supposed to be 3/4 cooked, i am highly suspicious if they were even being cooked at all?! it was less than half cooked and i thought there wasn't much flavour for these pretty raw fellows. kinda weird actually. just can't figure why there isn't much taste.

the kailan was normal, not exactly fantastic and the bbq crab, hmm..good thing it was only $17 and came with roe. bad thing was i think the guy replaced the crab with a smaller one. i was quite sure the one we chose was pretty big. darn!

i'm still tired and sleepy.

'Family Plus' is coming to an end tonight! Pity, coz i haven't even ventured into all the channels. argh!!! my time was spent on two channels thus far!! I didn't check out the extra discovery channels.

hmm..should we get family plus?? *ponder ponder*

little estella visited office today and she's soooo cute and sweet!! Took a pic and will put up later if her daddy and mummy allow me to. i like to touch her soft soft, fluffy hair!! Sooooo nice to touch!! but i really don't dare to carry her coz am worried that i might be too rough.

today's a rather nice day in office and it rained again. aWwwWww i seriously wish i was in bed. why didn't it rain on Tues?!?! sheeshz!

i have a bean stalk growing at my station, have yet to take any pics but it sure is growing at an amazing speed!! will take some soon.

and i think i accidentally sprained my right ankle one way or another. it doesn't hurt when i walk, but it hurts when it's tilted to a certain angle or when i placed my right foot on the floor at a wrong angle. it's a short and sharp kind of pain. i have no freaking idea how it happened.

it's friday tomorrow. yay~ but i have to work on Sat. i cannot imagine Sat or can i even last till Sat. i think i really need a tremendous amount of rest. yes i do..and now i shall go rest.'s the last day i can watch afc and animax for how?

argh........(read: !@@#$$#%$%&^)

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