Tuesday, October 31, 2006

a kiddish affair

that was two Sundays ago, if i didn't remember wrongly. it was little zx's first month and there sure were lots of kids!!

3 cute little dudes made Gail and me laughed and laughed. they were so funny and so witty!! Gail sure read my mind coz i thought little Joel does have a little resemblence to Lee Hom and we
started to call Joel, Lee Hom and he heard us!!

Gail: I know what you are thinking.
me: Really? What?
Gail: You are thinking that he has the ABC look. Like Wang Li Hong.
me: Yeah! You are right!!!

so when little Joel was leaving, we said bye bye to him.

Gail: bye bye wang li hong
Joel: (turn to mummy with a rather puzzled look in his face) mummy, they call me wang li hong?

Both Gail and me just laughed. So innocent and so cute! =)

then there was uber active Cheng Jun. Still a toddler, but he's already full of curiousity and zest! him running around Chun Hong's house really kept Chuck super busy the whole time watching/chasing after him.

then there's camera shy Rayner who is so sweet and witty. he was standing on Kelvin's thighs and we thought he was pretending that he was flying.

me: Rayner, are you flying?
Rayner: No, i am balancing myself.
( i turned and looked at Gail)
me: that's a really smart answer.
Gail: yup.

these three little dudes sure captured our heart that hazy sunday afternoon =)

P/S: Parents, if you want me to remove the pics, do let me know. Hee

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