Wednesday, October 25, 2006

new skin

i've changed my blog skin. too bored with the blue background and nothing else.

i was looking through many skins last night, but could not decide. today i happened to chance upon this latest skin and decided to use it. kinda fit into my current theme of forests and trees. so why not?

had loads of trouble trying to add in archives, comments, counters etc. so this final outcome on the left side bar was what i could do best. i shall continue to explore and see how far i can go.

jerry bro asked me if i wanna import my blog to his website. hmm, thought for awhile and decided perhaps another day.

i watched 6 episodes of 'Prison Break' today and it sure is a very exciting and gripping series! had it not been the irritating buzzing sound that started zzaa...zzaa...after an hour or so from my very old Pioneer sound system (yeah my hi-fi system is rather screwed at the moment) i'd have continued the whole night and not even have time to venture into creating this new look for my blog.

created a new soup dish today. fairly simple. just have to dump all the ingredients in.

you'll need:

1 can of HUNT's cubed tomatoes
1 can of topshell
a cup of chick peas


soak chick peas over 4 to 5 hours (overnight would be better)
save the water used to soak the peas

cut some garlic
add olive oil into pot
stirfry garlic till aroma comes out
add in the canned tomatoes
add in chick peas
add in water used to soak the peas
allow to boil slowly

cut the topshell into bit size pieces
add the sauce in the topshell can to the soup
once chick peas soften slightly, add in topshell pieces

boil over slow heat

once chick peas soften, the soup can be served.

i like to know what's in my soup, so i hardly blend them. if you want, you can do so. just save some of the ingredients to add them later.

chick peas and topshell tomato soup, enjoy!

off to watch AFC!

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