Sunday, October 22, 2006

盖世英雄- Lee Hom

forever love, forever love

yeah, lee hom!! your concert rocks!!!


it was crazy, yet the crowd was super tame. terribly different from Jay's concert where everyone just stood up from the begining till the end. Lee Hom's concert would totally rock if everyone just stood up and went crazy. pity the crowd only stood up towards the end of the show. ET and me were even told to sit down by a couple behind coz we were so excited and high?! Geez, i was pissed!!! Come on, we are at a concert, you paid $170, i paid $170 as well, if you choose to sit down to enjoy, then don't spoil my fun. idiots and mood spoilers!!

big round eyes, high cheek bones, thick dark eyebrows, tall, six pack and toned, short boyish dark hair, kissable lips and cheeky boyish smile...yeah..that's lee hom up close for you. would have swooned countless times if our seats were up close. but actually, we were pretty close but not close enough. yet, seeing him in real life for the first time, he just makes my heart beat faster, mind go crazy and uber high!! he's such a joker as well and very very cheeky!! =)

it was sooo mesmerising seeing him play various instruments and sing!!

he played the GUITAR to hear the crowd sing his songs.
he put everything ounce of energy he had playing the DRUMS.
he got real high playing the PIANO.
he was sooo into the mood when he played the VIOLIN and got himself totally immersed playing his favourite soundtrack from Cinema Paradiso.
he played ER HU on a very elevated stage.

master of many instruments!

no wonder we screamed like crazy, sang our hearts out and jumped like we never did coz the whole concert was such an adrenaline rush!

thought i wouldn't have voice to sing his songs, thought i wouldn't have voice to scream or shout. but i did, and it's all because of LEE HOM!!!

He made the night so magical and i will forever remember!!

Lee Hom - you ROCK!!!

没有kiss you goodbye






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