Saturday, October 21, 2006

monster muggers @ ICE

what a night, what a night!! we were at ICE last night and sheesh, there were many monster muggers! the guys at our table all took up the challenge. Brendan, Ting Hwa, CK, Yin Wei and Patrick. Well done! Only Ting Hwa and Patrick did it and their results were less than 10 secs. OMG?! BU SHI REN!!! haha SHI SHEN!! Seriously, i wonder how they managed to 'ta' a litre of ice cold stella artios within 10 secs, and Ting Hwa did it twice last night and finally he was close to his fulfillment of wanting to know what's the feeling of being high like. haha and man, was he high! but he said it's a pity that he still doesn't know the feeling of being drunk.

there was an infamous local ABC artiste there last night as well with his ABC friends. he freaking break the record and did it in freaking 6 secs and thinks he like the best coz he was doing the 'thumbs down' thingy at DH. he was then impressed that we said that was DH's 2nd litre duh~?! Such an arse and we call him Quack coz he sounds worse than Donald Duck. haa!

i doubt i'd ever have the chance to have my name on the banner. *frownz* this week, everyone's scores were like less than 10 secs. how to be up?? sighz..perhaps i'd mentally prepare myself next week and see what happens. coz after last friday, i cant seem to regain my drinking mood *bleahz*

we had supper at Newton and found a new store for great cockles!!! ET we must try this new store, definitely bigger cockles and juicier, but the rest of the dishes not that good though..

and, i am on the verge of losing my voice coz of too much shouting. didn't drank much last night, but was shouting and cheering the guys on to finish their 1 litre mugs within 45 secs. heh and this afternoon, i woke up knowing for sure that my voice's gonna disappear soon and i am supposed to be going to LEE HOM's concert tonight and scream like crazy?! How how?! Li Li said to drink honey from now till the concert time, erm.. i think a bit tough, but i will continue to drink lots of water!!

we are gonna go back next Friday. for the free 24 cans of Stellas (yup the one from my MBA and still out of stock) and more challengers will be there for the monster mug challenge. Hah excellent!! More shrimp dumplings and chicken wings and 4 cheese pizza!! Okie, i'd conserve my energy and await the arrival of next Friday!!

current favourite cable channel: Asian Food Channel (AFC)

lots of makan and lots of dishes to try out. they all looked damn delicious and yumz and keep me up all night watching the chefs prepping and cooking the food! Wow! There's the reason of my many sleepless night for this whole week. The free preview will end next week!! AwwWwww..SAD!!!!

off to rest and later to update on Lee Hom's concert...soooo excited and learning his songs now..haha

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