Thursday, October 19, 2006

100th entry

hoooooo!! it's my hundredth entry. Wow, that's like erm an average of 25 posts per month and an entry per day?!? hmmm, didnt know i have so much rubbish to blab about. i'm so FOS =)

looks like i've over watered my tree and he seems to have started to rot away. there goes my dreamy and poetic mood. AwwWww, i'd stop watering for the moment then.

went for massage this evening. Oh so good!! I nearly fell asleep towards the end of the massage. Just when i was about to, 'miss, it's finished.' i was like 'woah, huh!?? Just when i was about to fall asleep and drift into my dream of forest and of tree??' anyway, it was really relaxing. next time i'd take a scrub. and i better complete finish all my sessions coz it seems like the place might close down?! Then there goes my money!!

after massage, i went to look for shoes. was determine, and i guess i was overly determined. i bought not just a pair, nor two, i ended up with 3 pairs of shoes!! That's so crazy. but i spent only $80 for the shoes, so it's not so bad.

had lunch with Gail today. enjoyed catching up with her. we went to get estella's 1 month prezzie. we got her a whole set of pink tee shirt, a curdroy pinafole and curdroy booties!!! Soooooo terribly sweet!!!!! CH says he will dress her in her new prezzie on her 1 month party! Yay, i cannot wait to see little estella and her new outfit. so exciting!!

i'd go get some zZzz now. tomorrow's a long day =)

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