Monday, October 02, 2006

monday's gone!

work's crazy today. the calls never seem to end and the bell was ringing constantly. people were not making it easy either, they all just don't seem to be in the mood to work. me? I just did whatever i could, with of coz, a major black face and the 'don't-come-disturb-me' look. i have stuff outstanding, but i just had to get back home. work's never ending, that's prolly what keeps some people going. for me, i'm still going strong for now..

after i left office, everything went quite smoothly. the MRT was rather empty and that came as a surprise! Though i couldnt get a seat, i didn't have to squeeze with anyone, had ample space for myself, to be able to finally take some deep breath and try to relax. it was a hectic day, i needed some peace.

peace came when i reached home by 8pm and the desire to start my swimming routine got the better of me. I changed, went down to the pool and started swimming. swam 20 laps, but my pool's not olympic size, so i prolly only did 10 laps. could have gotten the whole pool to myself and i'd prolly swim longer, but it was subsquently 'invaded' by a couple. left immediately after i completed my 20s and i felt good. it was indeed relaxing and i thought i wouldn't have gotten into the pool after the decontamination.

was talking to SC today and i asked her to take up some courses with me, in turn she asked me to take up golfing with her. haa~ had thought about golfing since my SIM seniors took up many moons ago, but i was jobless then and always find that it's quite expensive. i asked her to check out the cost of the course for me and since she's only going to start in Nov, the golf course is near office and she has a set of clubs, seriously, i don't mind. Signing up yoga as well. archery might have to wait coz i don't think they take credit card payments. think with all these hobbies, i can be off alcohol for sometime, but i still don't mind wine. the wine session on Sat was really cool! Looking forward to more.

so, in the month of Oct, i'd be trading shopping for different courses to attend.. to good health =)!

oh, and we didn't start our apple diet this morning. I had no apples at home, Amy forgot. Edeline...err...i think she's too worried about her assignment. i'd start tomorrow...hee...

saw this on the news today...the nila kurinji which blooms only once every 12 years. real beauty.

got my 'Grey's Anatomy' DVDs!! i can really rot in bed! Hur hur...

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