Sunday, October 01, 2006

7 am in the morning

Reached home at 7am this morning. stayed over at JY and Ann's chatting with cece, ck, dh, ann, jy and jenny. it's been a long time since we last had this kind of long gathering session and it was indeed a reminiscence of our uni days that were long gone.

staying out till the wee hours of the morning was not uncommon during those days. we would celebrate friends' birthdays at the strangest of places and till the longest of nights! we were wild and crazy but we had the most fun and laughter! festivals were excuses to stay out late as well...haha uni days were never about studying, having fun was the main concern!

so last night, it was as if we were back to 9 years ago...except that we were drinking wine, having never-ending food, durians and choya at one of our friends' place. we didn't have to be concerned about venue, nor of catching the last train or bus home. we have reached financial independency and we have grown older, wiser and more open about our conversation.

this week was not the best. towards the end of the week, it kinda sux. so i was glad that we all took the effort to meet up with Jenny when she came back and thanks to Ann and JY for being such great hosts!

the meeting, conversations and gossiping were extremely therapeutic...the jokes DH cracked and Ann's added comments made all of us laughed like crazy. Jenny's funny anecdote of her stay in Korea was hilarious. We were looking through really really old pics and were gasping at how we looked back then!! we have changed so much in terms of our looks! We were all so toot in those days and we all agreed that we've all turned out to look better!! That's a good thing!

We then started to talk about our trips next year for the 10 year anniversary. Spain it is..we have decided and we will go there. It's slowly starting to materialise and i am really excited about it. At the end of the year, JY and Ann suggested going to Cambodia...hmm..i am would be interesting. Let's see how it goes...

In short, we laughed till our stomach ached and mind you, it was freaking painful, but just cannot resist laughing. plus, with all the qian bian wen da ti...seriously cannot take it! i realised i partially missed those days..guess that's why we can laugh so hard last night. by the time we realised, light was starting to peep out from the night skies...a little while later, it was 7am...woah..we even joked about going for breakfast, but i guess with the wine and choya and all the food, we were all still full, too stoned and cannot wait to go home and lie on our beds and sleep!

Shall ask Elena if she's free on Tues to have dinner. it's been postponed for too long...

Cutting hair on Weds, something shorter but not too short. Change of colour..jet black perhaps or soft copperish brown...hee...signing up for yoga and salsa and hey, archery aint that expensive actually. It's only $25!! Sounds wonderful! Hee..let me start shooting some arrows!

Off to Bala on Thurs before Jenny makes her way back to Korea. Something to look forward to yay!

Friday's off to complete some modules while some of the gang goes off to Genting..;(...i wanna go too...but not enough space in the car!!!...*boo hoo*

looks like the week's pretty much fixed..oh and i think i should come back home to do some swimming...maybe i'd start tomorrow. Edeline and i will be starting our apple and warm water diet. we'll have this for breakfast every day..hee... interesting! Let's hope we can stick to it!

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