Tuesday, October 03, 2006

alcohol free

darn...that seemed impossible i must say...got dragged by M Y Ang and Miss Vannie to Bala tonight..i was supposed to be free of alcohol from mon till thurs where i'd have my drinking night with Jenny and the rest of the SIMmers...argh!!! I've succumbed to temptation and am feeling pretty high right now..*hic*

tasted the best ku lu yok (aka sweet and sour pork) at bala just now!! Really yums i must say. The sauce was just nice and the pork..slightly fatty with the right amount of crisp!! Didn't know they had 'zi char' style food there...haha great recommendation Mr Pink!

it was like 4 hoes or was it 3 i cannot remember...but awWwww...i drank the first 2 without much food coz i wanted to refrain from food and was supposed to be on a diet..darn...i couldn't..i was tempted still..and drank another!! so...errrr...it was 3 i guess!?!

ET turned up at around 1030pm, wonder why she still turned up even though i said i was going home. she said she wanted to tompang me, but i told her i was too high..and should be making my way back..and she still arrived..hmm..thereafter, i told her i can't stay longer coz i had told her i was too tired after what happened at home last night, she asked me to stay longer, but..i just couldnt...felt like sleeping...so i left and she didnt tompang me back and stayed on.. this is the weirdest...coz..we always left together...

a new game is begining in office...i am excited and cannot wait..haa..gammers includes Amy, Van, me and we are recuiting Edeline in...prolly tomorrow coz she's on MC today...hehe...i cannot wait!! =)

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