Wednesday, October 04, 2006

hurry up leh!!

i'm famished! Dinner's turning into supper...what are the idiots doing?!?

Was shopping at Hereen and went off around 9ish to pick up WI...had a hard hard time finding cab. Ultimately, decided to take bus and go elsewhere to find a cab. Hengz they all stay around the east, or else, he'd better pick me up.

plan was to go to Jr's to makan and drink. Jr supposed to cook, piangz, it's taking damn freaking long...don't know what's he up to?! The dinner's for WI's home coming which only lasts for like a week..and Jr's flying off to various parts of the world for another long long period of time. Oh and Miss Lee...being busy and all finally managed to 'sneak' out and take a breather from her married life to join us. She's damn freaking late lor!

anyway, this is like many many moons and i really mean MANY moons that we met one another...we used to IRC and hang out together in our younger days, lost touch and get in touch a bit and lost touch and so on and so forth.. wonder the next time how many moons it will be...haa

that's why, i now have time to!!! I'm dying of hunger!! (-__-") You idiots heard that!?

did some shopping today with ET and darling's gf...MOOKS got discount!! Soooo happy!! Bought a striped polo tee...heh..ventured to FRESH IMP after that, got 2 tee shirts and a spag strapped top! It was quite a rush!! But i think that's all the shopping for this month...

felt bad that i had to rush off, but thought i havent exactly spend much time with ET, i'd prolly ask her out...when i told her i had a dinner to go to and had to leave at 9pm, she then ask 'Huh..then we meet for what?'...hmm..kinda disappointed...which reminds me...felt something weird just now...maybe i am thinking too much, i thought we were kinda distant and i felt a bit leftout...that kinda sux...hmm...anyway, perhaps i'm too tired and not thinking properly..?

Jr: Stop blogging lah...everytime blog also never see our names inside. Dinner's ready!!! HaHAHA

Wah lauz...finally better be good, else, i'd sure kill him...and Miss Lee, li de do loh, goh mai ka kin lai?!?

Makan time...=)

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