Sunday, October 08, 2006

drinks, food, movies and shop

it was a hectic last couple of days!! Busy during the last few days at work but also busy catching up with pals.

after Weds, it was night out at bala with SIMmers!! the night started slow. cece, dh and me were the earliest to arrive. so we ate loads of food coz they have not tried the food menu in bala and we were just drinking ourselves a little silly. poor dh was trying to recuperate from his LS before heading to Genting with JY, Ann and their colleagues. we wondered if he could have tahaned the night even though he confidently said that he would coz he had taken the pills.

ck arrived at around 8ish and then he got an sms from JT asking him to accompany him to have dinner at the food court. 'Since when did i become a geisha?' ck asked out loud and we all laughed. so we came up with the term 'shagei' haha the opposite gender of 'geisha'...lame but funny. Thereafter, Philip, jeanne, ann arrived and soon, the rest of the peepz came. That's where we started the crazy drinking!

In short, we drank up to $300..but erm inclusive of food of coz. The reason for drinking so much was coz jenny was going back to Korea and it was a farewell night for her and also bec if we charged $300 and above in the clear plat card, we'd be given a free bottle of Moet which we got!! After many cobras, makan and laughter, we were all high, Jenny decided that she will delay her flight to next sat if we have another wine-ing session @ JY & Ann's. So we all agreed that next Fri, it'll be my grad night at ICE and thereafter, adjourn to J&A's to do more wine-ing and food-ing!'s gonna be fun!! We have a bottle of Moet waiting...and everyone's to bring a bottle of wine..heh..coolz! Most exciting and highly anticipated!! And we took loads of funny pics as well..haha!

the game the girls and i have been playing in office is getting more interesting. it's called 'analyze this!'. it's where we analyse various human behaviour in different situations. good thinking process. we are having fun! the girls are funny and always make me laugh esp Miss Vanny, she comes up with the funniest phrases ever!!!


met up with elena and dave and off to ps cafe. the food is great as well as the ambience, but after really looking and reading the menu, i decided that the restaurant is way too pricey...sighz...pity..a piece of cake can cost $10.90 even though it looks absolutely tempting and must be consumed, we resisted. I guess i will only go there if i ever strike 4D or toto. we headed off to Indocine @ ACM and the place has a really nice ambience. Many huge couch seats which looked comfy and can accomodate a large group of friends. there was also this most talk about table where you'd be the centre of attraction. The table is made of this support that is covered with rather translucent material and light glows from within. What's even more happening is where the lights changes colour. It's way cool!!

though we didnt try the food, the fragrance of the dishes coming from the other table makes us hungry again! We were most tempted to order but we decided that we shouldn't eat under such hazy situation. as in we were outdoor and the haze was damn freaking bad. had difficulty breathing!! After leaving we decided to have milo peng and tea peng, but i think this is the toughest time ever that we had to find a place that serves these. In the end, we headed home and rested.


Attended cuz wedding and headed off to movies with my younger cuzs and bro. We watched 'You, me and Dupree' at the new cathay. Owen Wilson is really hilarious. I like the part where they talked about '-ness''s about not losing who you are and remembering that unique personality which you have that brought you this far. it's a great thought! so i am claudine-ness...haha

oh and my cuz also introed me to this place called Daiso! I can only say it's going to my favourite hangout in the near future. It's Japan's 100 yen shop making it's mark in SG. I only realised there's already one in IMM, but IMM being like miles away from where i stay, i think PS would be a good choice.

Also, there's this new store called MWL - Made With's this damn happening blackish interior store that sells all you need for your scrapbook hobby. but the stuff are damn nice and freaking expensive! I am very much tempted to get them!!! They even have a small cafe within the store...rather interesting concept. there's also a teaching room as well...maybe i'd take up the hobby!


It's off the the art museum later for 'The Art of Cartier' exhibition with some of the's an excursion of some sort..haha best, it's FOC and i can head to Daiso again!! I bought like many types of wipes from there yesterday and a fake pair of to take lunch now and head off to the museum.

came up with a new concept this week...'acting under the influence of guilt' haa.. go ponder =)

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