Sunday, October 01, 2006


was checking the website for archery related courses in sg when i chanced upon this video. it's damn amazing and never say never to challenge the impossible. check it out, i's damn cool!

challenge the impossible

the courses i should be taking up after my credit card cycle cuts over on Weds:

1. Yoga
2. Archery

don't exactly want to delay any further. it's a new month, i have to start doing what i set out to do.

i am however very tempted to take up the Planet fitness package though. think if i am not wrong, by just paying 70+ a month, i can get an additional 13 months free, plus they are waiving the membership fee. sounds damn freaking cool and i can access like two branches or something? However, the thought is, if i do sign up, how often will i be going? As much as Suntec being really near to office, how much determination would i have? hmm..still contemplating.

As for archery, i am awaiting replies from the group to find out how much does it cost to sign up for the course. everything is indicated except the course fees.. sighz, perhaps it's too expensive? we'll see.

anyway, why archery? I tried it once, many ions ago, and i was kinda hooked.
putting on the gear and shooting the first arrow was really exciting and exhilarating, but back then, it was quite expensive! Per game with don't know how many arrows costs like 10 over bucks or something? so i hardly go there and also not many friends were into it. I think i have a flair for it and would really love to try it out again. it's a good training on focusing as well. i cannot wait!

well, we'll see how it goes...=)

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