Saturday, September 30, 2006


darn, it had to rain. i was determined to go swimming and then up to the rooftop to just had to pour.

going to jy's and ann's place to meet up with jenny! Yay, she's back and we are catching up before she flies to somewhere else and thereafter back to korea. am glad she managed to get some stuff for me from the face shop in korea albeit the order that i gave her was a tad late..thanks Jenn!

yesterday was just madness! went to B's birthday party at EC chalet, headed down to velvet for Cece's birthday celebration and then went back to the chalet again.

mission @ chalet: Get B drunk.

Think everyone tried their best or something, but B wasn't drunk. Still sober after Amy and me went back to the chalet again. so, mission failed.

mission @ Velvet: to get Cece drunk and see her merlion again after many years.

going into velvet was an uphill task. it was freaking crowded!! haven't seen Zouk this bloody crowded before, or perhaps most of the times when i was there, i went in early before the crowd formed. anyhows, i cut in some queues, used my pretty reliable clear plat card and managed to get in by 12am. inside velvet, it wasn't even that crowded at all..

reaching there, Cece was still sober. Too sober in fact, we weren't convinced that she's high. so we started buy jugs of whiskey coke, exchanged a screwdriver with our coupon. i bought a round of apple shooters for all, and we started toasting her...ting hwa tried getting cece drunk, but failed and only managed to get her high. i tried and kinda failed coz only managed to get her higher, liz's glass of LIT did the trick, and when 3 of our powers combined, yup...cece couldnt take it anymore but managed to hang on. and then we adjourned to cut her cake which by then had freaking lost it shape and kinda melted...but still it tasted delicious! prior to cutting, cece puked twice, erm into the river coz we were at the bridge. was really MERLION..cece's style! Haa..and she became sober thereafter. Everyone loved the's strawberry short cake from all time fave!!

Mission accomplished! =)

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