Saturday, October 14, 2006

Grad night!!

After many many beers, i got it!

My MBA!...hee it was indeed my grad night last night as promised by DH.

Many many thanks to all my pals who helped me cheated and cleared many major modules for me, so this MBA is for all who helped, but it's the best present ever for a birthday! Though SIMmers never exactly plan for it to be a birthday prezzie, but i am glad they saw me through it! Hugx to each and every single one of you!! I hope you all had as much fun as i did! Am very touched coz you all are so supportive!! Thanks peepz!

After ICE, we adjourned to J&A's and drank more. We were waiting for COLD to bring food, but we started drinking and drinking. Space camel brought leftover stir fry mee suah from a wedding banquet and we all digged at it. Was gone in a flash. Gosh! COLD arrived kinda late and didn't bring the food which we ordered eg. we wanted bbq sting ray, sotong, crab...etc..we got erm noodles and bee hoon and various side dishes...was good though, but we prolly were hungry! Hehe.

After many wines and choya, we were talking rots again...haa re-living the other night where we talked about the funny 'dirty' story. My stomach was in pain again from the laughter. It was damn hilarious! I'd tell whoever wants to know..

It was a fun night, an even happier morning when i got message saying that my name will just be below his on the ICB MBA plaque..heh...that was priceless!!

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