Thursday, October 12, 2006

cable is evil

yup, that's my conclusion. I just got cable in my room today and had a bloody tough time setting it up. but all came up well just that erm if i wanna watch dvds, i must change the pin. Anyway, i was about to sleep when all the cooking shows started popping up one after another and i doubt i can go to bed..argh!!!

cable is evil...period.

i have 10 more modules before my MBA comes to an end. Might be able to get someone's help to take a couple for me tomorrow. By Friday, i should grad..hopefully and be in the hall of fame..*cross fingers* heh.

the Planet Fitness offer is getting out of hand. She's offering me 30 months at a price of $1620 plus $50 Isetan vouchers and another spa voucher. pay by instalment for 2 years = 24 months...hmm...seems good, but everyone's telling me it's too long a i am thinking twice. seems attractive but i doubt i'd even go for the full 30, it's money wasted.

Perhaps i should just stick to the apple and warm water diet for breakie and Yong Tau Foo for lunch. The lunch menu i stick to it religiously, too religious in fact, that Miss Vanny was trying to tempt me with slices of duck meat and then bubble tea during lunch...AwWw...but i was determined and i stuck to it.

well done claudz!

as for the breakfast,'s tough to have apples to eat everyday. Meaning my stock of apples are not replenished regularly. So it's tough sticking to it.'s gonna be 1 am..gotta catch some to dreamland and hopefully i'd see the dude and his new tv which will arrive on Friday...yay! =)

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