Sunday, October 08, 2006

i give up!

wanted to upload the pics i took when i was at the museum for the cartier exhibit, but it seems to take forever and i decided to give up!

the exhibition was an eye opener indeed. dazzling sparkles from the diamonds, rubies, problem keeping my eyes open..haa..that's just pure exaggeration. anyhows, it's good. girls should go visit. it's prolly the closest you can ever see the cartier jewellery up close, though they are encased. i have a couple of favourites.. the panther on the blue sapphire ball, the egyptian designed cases and the sacarb, the mystery clock and they medusa necklace. they were beautiful. of course the all time favourite of the trinity rings and braclet, which are prolly items that some people can easily afford. It's a cool exhibit, the interior was very nicely designed, but a flaw would be the lighting. Can't exactly read the explanation coz it was rather dark or the spotlights shining up were too bright. Other than that, the ambience was very cosy.

Off to PS to visit daiso. bought blocks of soap, some seasoning, tibits and some nutritional liquid. thereafter, mich and me headed off to 'Giraffe' and restaurant and bar at the istana garden. It's a very chill out place. Nice flooring that were made of glass that looks down into a pool of water that comes from the fountain. there's also a really cool bar which lights up the area and makes the ambience very cosy. We were taken to the 2nd floor and to the outdoor sitting.

we walked up a spiral staircase with balloony looking lights hanging down. very cool! we were seated outside on very comfy chairs. We ordered 4 starters. cold soba, belgium mussels, greek salad and some mushroom thingy. all tasted pretty good! but the mussels could have been bigger...they were a tad small i feel but i guess the price was kinda reasonable..

leaving this funny clip for you all...very funny, very controversial.. enjoy!

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