Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stormy Sunday..

the weather today...i hate it!

I do like rainy days...when the sky is dark and the rain just pours endlessly. The cooling weather, at times even cold, just makes me feel like lying in bed, read some books, watch some dvds or play some games. It's quite inspiring at times. I remember when i was younger, i always like to write poems on stormy days with the background playing my favourite songs.. though these days i hardly write, i still like to see the sky very dark, the rain falling down profusely, i just lie on my bed and rot.

today, the skies turned dark a little, the rain poured heavily, the sun came out and was hidden by the clouds again. it was wet, it was hot, it was then partially dry and it became wet again. the weather cannot seem to make up its mind...and it becomes really annoying...

hmm...reminds me of the email that my good friend sent me the other day...after writing such a mesmerising paragraph about the weather, he asked if it was lame to talk about it..or perhaps we are just plain romantics who like to talk about the weather..haa i choose to think we are the latter...

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