Sunday, September 10, 2006

Collage of our Lives

that's actually the title of the Japanese show i was talking about instead of 'Love Collage'..watched it this morning in the wee hours of 2 am odd... it's a very beautiful movie. Japanese directors should stick to such shows that really brings out the artistry and flavour of the country instead of doing all those horror shows.. Seriously speaking, how many horror movies can strike terror to movie goers except the 1st one that crept everyone out?

The show

I love the way the show was being presented. Pretty unconventional. Every scene is like a snapshot that a photographer takes with his/her camera. Very in tune with the show's title and the theme of the show. It's all about beautiful photos that were being captured that resulted in a journey to seek the truth of the death of a beloved someone..

'memories, they always sneak up on you out of the blue'

as such the reason for taking a camera everywhere just so you won't miss anything that you see and experience.

many scenes were freezed for a split second..looking at can imagine that scene in a photograph. there was also one part where the film was shot upside down...which is really unusual.

Blue skies, green green fields, great sunlight casting excellent shadows, leafless trees which are so characteristic, big eyed children, vibrant colours...anything and everything, any way you take it from any angle... can just turn out to be a wonderful pic...most captures that moment when you were there to witness the sight and smell...the show really
makes you just want to go out and start snapping!

the story (ultra simplified)

boy has a passion for photography. meets girl whom he knew would be the one. she was notorious, he was the last to know, but still choose to be with her. his passion for photography in some way, aroused her interest. he taught her the skills that he knew. they joined a competition, girl won, boy lost. boy was jealous, girl decided to leave him. told him that they will not meet until boy makes a name for himself.

sometime later, girl sent him a letter with her photos and told him that she would be having her own exhibition..boy still feeling sore about the whole incident, just cannot accept the fact... until one day during a class reunion, one of his friends, a famous reporter, told him that the girl he loved died a year ago in New York. He immediately flew there as he did not believe, coz after all, her letter only arrived the day he went for the reunion. From there, his journey became one which he was seeking the truth to where she was...

the pace of the show is just nice..and there's an interesting twist towards the end..
i leave interested souls to check it warned, it's not easy to find the show though...but if you found it...i feel it's really worth it.. enjoy!

Now...the next gadget i am going to get is one cool SLR cam...

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