Monday, September 18, 2006

smashing party...freaking wasted!

i was completely wasted... couldn't get out of bed on Sunday when i woke up. Every move, every turn, my head kinda spinned and i had the need to puke..and worse of all, everything...just smelt like puke..arggHhhh...

what was the damage on Saturday night? perhaps i should start with what drinks were brought to my place and what drink i bought for the party..

2 18 years from darling, the other 12 years from Colin..
1 volka, unconsumed...from Amy, Van and Edeline..
1 and a half bottle of Choya from ET..half bottle consumed, the other still unopened.
1 Gordon blue from darling was a killer!
1 bottle of french white wine from Nigel..unconsumed as well..
1 bottle of Baileys from B, partially consumed..
1 bottle of White Zifindle from myself..unconsumed
1 bottle of Choya from myself..unconsumed
1 bottle of champagne from Julia..unconsumed too..

and i thought i'd not have enough liquor to last the whole night...i was so damn bloody wrong...that was how much liquor was present at my home that day..

in total, about 16 people came...and i dont think i drank with everyone...but i think i did my best..

was glad that everyone enjoyed the food, had fun and helped clean up! I had a great time, albeit i heard i was howling like a hyena as i got even more drunk and puke and stuff...haha...thanks to everyone who came...and i'd like to thank all individually in random order...

ET, for coming over early to help with the prawns and stuff and most of all, wash up all the dishes and helping me take pics and for everything!! THANKS SO MUCH!! Don't think we got to hug each other..

darling, for providing the prawns...yup they were excellent and for bringing the killer alcohol and telling me to drink milk but was a tad too late coz i was too full to drink more milk to keep myself sober and help keep the chairs and stuff...haa..Thank you! Oh, and sorry to have my puke kenar your berms...haha told you if i'd puke, you'd prolly kenar...and i was correct! If only i was so junz in buying lottery...haiz...

B, for helping to tune my guitar, singing songs, providing live entertainment when i had no stereo and all, PRing for me with the security guard by bringing food to them, best of all, not asking me to ta with you...haha..and also for asking my mom to join us for drinks and doing all the commentaries making me laugh so hard...Thanks B! But i didn't survive Saturday night, that's for sure..and we were supposed to have a big hug as wonder i didn't survive...haa..

Colin, for being the BBQ master, cooking all the food and also PRing with the security guards by cooking the food and going with B to give the guards the food, and i heard helping to clean me off my puke (coz everyone told me that i was lying on my puke!?! That's digusting and i didnt even know nor could remember)...and asking me to spit my sorrows when i was sure that was great video moment yah?? haa..Thanks T! Hee...glad you like the food!!

Adrian, for suggesting the ipod and the sound blaster..and being the 'DJ' and helping me to keep my pouch and earphones until you brought it home..haha...but no thanks to asking me to ta twice with you when i only taed once with the rest...and also helping to clean my puke and clean me off my puke!! THANKS Adrian!!

Amy, Van and girls are the sweetest!! For the balloon hats and the poodle doggie...and a bottle of volka...thanks!! I read the card and i do hope that zhen ming tian zi will appear soon...:) thanks for helping with the cleaning of the mess and also entertaining the uncles!! Haha..i hope you all had fun!! Thanks babes!!

Julia and Wanlong, thanks for drinking with me! Julia though i know you never touch alcohol...thanks for making an exception and i love the earrings!!! They are beautiful!!! Thanks!!

Angie, love the Echo you gave me, wished you could have stayed longer and hope the guitar lesson from B is enriching...haha he's prolly a better teacher for guitar than mind games..haha..:p Thanks for coming :)

Jenny, thanks for just taing once with me although i know you'd prolly taed more..hehe...another time..we'll drink's been such a long time since citiphone days...hee..

Jady, thanks for helping with cleaning the mess and all!!

Johnny...thanks har...i heard you recorded my wailing heyena it to me one day...hehe..

Nigel, haiz...why you leave so early?? Else, you guys can start jamming at my place...but thanks for coming and for the bottle of white! I love white wine!

I hope i didn't miss out anyone...and i really hope you all had as much fun as i did. This is prolly the first time the morning after, i felt completely drained and cannot move...haha...but memorable it was and i am sure there were loads of candid shots not captured in my camera...(i wonder why) but in all your handphones and be sure to show me the next time we meet.. THANKS EVERYONE!! Love all of you! It was indeed a great way to celebrate my 29th...

Ok...last but not least, people...i still have tons of alcohol at my place. before i turn into a hardcore alcoholic, you all better come over to help me drink!! So when's the next drinking session eh?

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mushroomgarden said... slept on your own puke? eeee... but U sure had fun. Happy birthday!