Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Saturday's dishes

last count: about 20 people will be coming...hmm...hadn't expect to be that big a group...then again, i haven't gotten confirmation, so the group might be smaller..

yup, and i thought through the dishes. It wasn't exactly tough deciding what to cook, i guess they are mostly my 'signature' dishes. I haven't been cooking for the longest time (an elaborate meal i mean) so i hate to have Saturday turn out as a disaster. which reminds me suddenly, i haven't order the chicken wings and satay from the wholesaler...darn...but i think what i have in mind is freaking shitload of food!! Here's the list and nope, no party for me on Friday night..

1) Pasta: with mixed mushrooms in phili's salmon spread sauce with tobiko..yumz!

2) Potato Salad

3) Minced pork meat satay with black sesame seeds and water chestnuts

4) Chicken Kebabs

5) Sotongs (my fave)

6) Sotong balls

7) 12kg of prawns sponsored by Darling (must think of good marinate)

8) Hmm..tapas appetizers? With scallop pate?? Heh..

9) Vege salad

10) Chinese sausages

11) Japanese rice cakes

12) Canned Pineapple

13) Fresh pineapple as requested by darling..

14) Sashimi also sponsored by darling

Hmm...what else? Chicken wings, otahs, I'd skip the satay...i think my kebabs would taste delicious!

Is this a lot of food or what? I have no freaking idea, just worried that the portion may not be enough. Better make confirmation tomorrow, else, all these food will go to waste...

As for the alcohol..hmmm...well, i'd expect prolly just a bottle or two...haa...*cross my fingers*..erm i repeat...JUST A BOTTLE OR TWO..

I'm so dead...!!!

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