Tuesday, September 19, 2006

19th september

happy birthday to me! Another year older, none the wiser.

tonight's @ ICB with SIMmers.. cross fingers and pray that i won't get drunk again.

smses came fast and furious this morning...i was awaken at several intervals of my sleep...and i was dreaming that SIMmers and i were on another diving trip to some place where it prolly doesnt even exist in the map, but it's some ang mo country...it was damn weird...perhaps it's coz this year we didn't go for our annual resort trip as such, the dream...haa...signs that shows i kinda need to go for a trip? but i am freaking broke..argh...money...can you just fall from the sky so that i can go away?! Anyway, back to the smses...yup, everyone was wishing me happy birthday and may all my wishes come true...was touched and i went back to sleep coz i was so not up to replying smses...i wasn't sure if i was between dreaming or reality...but the feeling was sweet..

birthday falling on a weekday is the most boring thing that can ever happen, and mine always fall on a weekday...really sian...today i plan to go tan..i should...coz i am freaking white.. then prolly hit town and get some stuff before i go ICE...somehow, alcohol's starting to freak me out...hmmm..

by the way, i woke up with bruises all over and didn't realised until yesterday. there's a major big one above my right elbow and some on my leg. ET told me it's coz i was falling all over on Sat night...hmm...the luckiest thing is not to have fallen down the steps to my rooftop..else...it's bye bye to me before my 29th...haha

and tomorrow's Bar None with the girls and boys...hmm...i hope it's not another session to get me drunk..it's freaking me out...ET says she will blog so that i'd have a better picture of what happened on Sat coz i couldnt remember nuts after i was damn freaking high and puked...she also mentioned that she didn't use my cam to take pics of me being drunk coz she thought it was crude...which means i'd have tons of blackmail pics and videos from whoever was snapping away that night..

Friday's gonna be meeting Elena and Dave to go PS cafe!! Yumz..hehe i cannot wait and we'd prolly adjourn to Wine Co after that...hmm...the lychee wine beckons...so looking forward to it..hehe...

and...sadly, the first wish prior to my birthday didn't come true...just an illusion i guess...but i am happy that i have the company of all my friends on various days and i am glad they all remembered my birthday!! =) Thanks everyone!

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