Sunday, September 24, 2006

rested and stuffed!

ET's gonna be back tomorrow, i wonder what she's gonna get me from BKK. Rather looking forward to her return.

I think i can sleep early tonight. Sure hope so. Partially well rested, hmm...basically have enough rest but still feel tired. doesn't it happens to us all? Just read in Cleo that too much rest makes one even more lethargic, i guess..

Listening to disc 2 of pure acoustic...hmm...all sleepy songs..don't think i wanna transfer them to my ipod...i'd feel sleepier before i reach work!

Caught up on some reading today...actually the closest to newspaper that i touch every week is either 'Urban' (i read that section without fail every Thurs) and 'Sunday Plus'...i think that just explains why i am so's getting worse actually, wonder what's the remedy..sighz...i was chatting with B earlier but in different frequency again...haha don't know it's coz he's high or coz i am sober...

Oh and i stuffed/gorged myself with food today...replenishing nutrients or erm eating those prawns with a vengence coz i only had like two prawns that day?! I was eating leftover stuff for the party last week..erm..should i say unused stuff actually...over bought certain items..they are just sitting in the fridge, the 2nd watermelon is still in it's bag, uncut and untouched. the other plate of cut alcoholic watermelon stayed in the freezer too long and was over freezed...i felt damn bad throwing them away..shucks! Next time i'd buy less or ask more people over..

not gonna put up my bday pics coz i looked horrendous and mind you it's the 'before getting drunk pics'...i cannot imagine how i looked thereafter. As i met up with everyone over the week, i started hearing more details as everyone filled in their version of that fateful Sat night/Sun morning. I became more and more embarrassed. Though on a sober day, things like these are unlikely to happen, but, argh...i became out of control when i got drunk..haha...totally disgusted with myself.

out of the 5 to do list i set out to do on 9th Sept, i accomplished none.

i didn't save money.

i bought clothes but my weight didnt reduce to 58kg

i didn't sign up for an exercise program

i partially cleaned up my room..hmm...i guess it counts as partial erm accomplishment?

i didn't sleep as early as possible

But i'd make sure to complete at least 2 next month..complete i must else, i will accomplish nothing...

Let's see what the coming week brings forth. It's 2321 hours, time for bed.

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