Monday, September 25, 2006

how long does it..

how long does it take to completely cut up a 7kg watermelon into cubes sans the skin?

answer: it took me close to an hour to cut the whole watermelon into cubes, store them in tuperware and ziploc.

I will have 3 more packets of watermelon cubes for breakfast for the next three days. Good for me i guess...coz watermelon's full of erm...water...kinda makes you full after having a couple of slices, so breakfast's settled.

this kinda meant that i didn't get to sleep early last night, but slept early this morning. i woke up ok, no need to drag myself out of bed, but erm had to dragg myself out of home, coz it started to pour! Yesterday was freaking hot and it had to rain this morning. Must be the whole water cycle thingy.

ET's back and she called me just when i reached home. Talk about great timing. I'm glad both of us had our week of fun albeit in different parts of the world.

i'm starting to forget what it is like to be overseas, for i have been grounded in this tiny island for the last 9 months. I foresee an unlikelyhood that i'd go anywhere this year, so i better make full use of staying put in SG.

i've changed my fringe parting again. this signals the time has come for me to go get a haircut. I am bored with my current hairstyle, yet, there's no style which appeals to me right now. I still cannot decide between curling 'em up or cutting 'em short. somehow, i think i'd go for the latter.. we'll see..

ET asked me when i'd meet up with her, i suggested tomorrow at ICB. She has to be supportive of my MBA program somehow...else, she's no ET...hah..(emotional blackmail) and i have missed many many modules, i need to catch up and be within the 1st 100.

nice song playing on 'Grey's Anatomy'...sad but nice...very soothing lyrics.. which reminds me, i have yet gotten the soundtrack...i hope to find it.

talk about tv series...i missed 'Prison Break'!! I so wanted to catch it, but due to the drinking spree, i totally forgot all about it!! who has the series?! Please pass to me!!!

SG Idol winner goes to Hady...i was rooting for Jonathan, he's so idol material but i guess he didn't really showed off his best yesterday night. Couldn't feel it, but thought he looked damn confident when he walked into the stage.. maybe it's coz i didn't vote? *oops will i be stoned by his arden fans when i walk along the streets?!?*

it's past 12 midnight...time to some 'analysis' to do tomorrow and awaiting Mr Pink's reply regarding lunch coz the girls are supporting his no alcohol diet and helping him to kickstart it tomorrow by treating him to bubble tea instead of beer...haa!

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