Monday, September 04, 2006

memories...they always sneak up on you

i've got mail. from a very dear friend. longest ever. he's now in the States and will be flying off to London come Sept 12...pursuing a career which he loves, which i dreamed..i think he's on his way of becoming famous as well and i am really excited to take a look at his works. Haven't seen him for the longest time ever...years in fact! Yet he's always there, types me the longest emails and always there for me. Can't have his shoulders to cry on nor have the chance to get a hug from him.. but his emails work wonders...i miss him..lots..wonder if i'd ever get to see him again. We always promise to meet up whenever he's back, but we never did. Hope to see him this time when he's back..

the condo's pool has been closed for close to a week or maybe more...the reason? It's coz they found a dead dog in the pool and are decontaminating it...hmm..that's the weirdest thing i've ever heard. I thought dogs are good swimmers? no? I am puzzlled. Anyway, i wonder if we should request not paying for the maintenance since the pool isn't accessible...

today's rain was horrible. the atmosphere's not cool, it's really humid and terribly hot, makes me kinda irritated and just cannot wait to reach home. sighz...horrible weather..

so this Thur's we are going to Bala one last time before IMF takes over the whole Suntec?! No more Bala for the next two weeks...kinda sad man coz it's just so near my office. Asked the boys...their's so many days away?!

caught a glimpse of this show just...collage of love...Japanese. Looks good, will prolly go get it and i'd share the story. The title of this blog comes from there. I really need to start reading more books, my words are getting boring for myself.. My friend's email really inspired me... i will blog better English when i start reading again...wonder if anyone would believe that i used to write poems...haa.

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