Sunday, August 27, 2006

Irking Day...

despite today being Sunday, it was an irking day. Whilst reading through my blog last night, i realised that i had not complete the C2 test and tomorrow's audit, i had to go back to office to finish it.

Reached office at 3pm and started clearing some mails....argh...decided to send some replies and got more replies and in the end i had used about half an hour on that. the plan was to go office, read thru the ppts and then complete the remaining 2 tests, but no...i just had to reply those emails...sighz..what's wrong with me?!

The first test i took was easy, managed to score 100% without help...the other one, i had read through and attempted god! IT'S A FREAKING 60 over slides ppt!? I tried my best, but resorted to outside help..Having done that, i immediately left office...had to go town to use my Tangs vouchers before they expired end month.

so i planned to go Tangs and then FEP to check out the stores, but decided to go Taka to grab some nice dessert...ended up buying sasauges in prata, it was excellent, or perhaps it's coz i was hungry...prior to that i was at mango, yup..ended up buying a sweater...nearly wanted to buy another slinky, spagetti top but resisted...had to get opinion, so didn't buy. Went to Isetan and saw this brand called Asterial or something..there's this really elegant tube top that i totally like, but i didn't get it coz i need to see myself in that top with working pants...was wearing cargos, totally didnt match...gonna be freaking poor again.

When at tangs, wanted to use the vouchers to get the new nike design watches, didn't have what i wanted, went to lingerie section, wah lauz...the designs totally sucks, i'm much happier at Women's went to get my shuemura foundation which costs freaking 54 bucks without the casing..wah lauz...damn expensive...but i paid using the vouchers and care $$ so it's zero money involved. I must comment that the counter girl at Shu Uemura was totally non customer orientated...this was what happened...

CG: Anything else you want to get?
me: Erm i am looking for some eye shadow...
CG: How about white?
me: Huh...white? A bit too much right?
CG: Then skin colour?
me: How does it look like? (put some on my hand and i totally don't see anything) Erm..cannot see anything..i want something dramatic.
CG: White is dramatic what..
me: (questioning look...translate..WTF?)'s ok...
CG: (replaced the eyeshadow palette with a major loud piak sound!)

KNS! How come she's not promoting their new colours which are damn freaking dramatic..well i should have known better than to ask a counter girl whose make up cannot make it..unfortunately, the other 2 counter staff were busy...sheesh.. my conclusion..Shu's counter staff fail badly...the previous time i was at the Isetan counter...the staff totally screwed my eyebrow when i asked for trimming and reshaping...and ended up the arc of one eyebrow is higher than the other.. Seriously speaking...these brand names should really QC their staff once in awhile...

There are like at least 50 colours she could only intro the white and the nude?? Will never go to the counters again...unless to get that foundation..

Simple cod fish receipe. Done in 5 mins...not taking into consideration thawing of the fish though..


Cod fish
Soy sauce
Little bit of olive oil


Heat up frying pan.
Add little bit of olive oil.
Make sure the pan is pretty hot but not burnt.
Ensure that cod is relatively dry and put it onto the pan.
Let it cook for like a minute, drip soy sauce on the top.
Add little bit of pepper.
Drip a bit of soy sauce on the sides of the cod.
Flip cod.
Drizzle soy sauce again.
Let it cook for another 2 mins.

There you have! Soy sauce cod fish with's yummy! Try it. =)

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mushroomgarden said...

Yummy. i did something similar too. cod fish is yummy for a lousy day