Tuesday, August 15, 2006

what if...?

couldnt resist not blogging...the drinking and chatting at Bala was too hard to skip mentioning.

my first day back to work after 9 days of being away from office. it was hectic and i had email wars to fight, tons of emails to read and endless meetings to attend. there were back dated customers' issues and sheesh...101 things that requires attention. it didn't make my day when as i woke up, the sky was like going to pour tons of rain as i was about to leave.. was crossing my fingers so that i'd not have to be stranded or got drenched in rain as i walked towards the MRT station.

so it didn't rain, but i hate the ride in the MRT. everyone was in a squeezing mood...tmd..felt pretty irritated as i hate to be squashed. walking towards office, i started to perspire...the day was freaking hot and humid. my gosh...nearly died..

my face was kinda black..i tried to look pleasant...tough, but i managed ok. Was delighted when CK jioed me to Bala for drinks coz he said he needed a friend. Cool! I needed beer...badly! ET also smsed that we are gonna go Rochester to meet 18 years on Fri and totally squeeze every last drop from it! I was like..wah lau..you all have to choose the Friday where i had to work on Sat...but nevermind, my drinking mode continues for this week..heh..haven't had enough since the birthday bash on Sat...And this sat, we're prolly heading to Bala again for the Band finals! How cool is that esp, the waiter was really nice and helped checked for us the timing and advice us to come early and stuff...well done! Appreciate the effort dude!

anyway, the major point was that i had an awesome time chatting with CK @ Bala. we each had 1 pint of Hoe, 1 glass of house red and 1 bottle of Asahi. I ate the whole hot dog and we shared the pork collar which was absolute yummers! The drinks were good enough to get me slightly high and churning out logical thoughts..haa..so we talked about love, relationship, sex, friends and family...shared a couple of mushy moments coz we each had tears welling in our eyes and stuff..it was in short...GREAT! It's one of those times that sharing was done at the right place, right time and right moment...yeah...that was the the theme for the night. Another question that i made him ponder was that...what if he/she doesn't know what's right for them?...then how?...sounds cheems eh...guess we'd be the only two who know what's this all about.

Thanks for jioing CK! Looking forward to more Bala sessions! Was fantastic and it's just one of those times that i bet neither you nor i would have thought to be sharing stuff with someone whom we hardly catch up with...i had fun!

way past bed time...off to zzzzz land...by the way 'Rated E' is damn freaking lame...

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