Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Hello 30 party!

the party was crazy! there were self-appointed bartender, videographer, bbq chefs, photographers and participants who just ate, drank and party like there's no end. We all had shit loads of food and lots of fun!! Great party and holding it in a chalet reminded us of the good times we used to have during school days..

I reached pretty late. Kinda like close to 10ish. Almost everyone was there and i was perhaps the latest...other than CP and Mich. Anyway, when i reached, there were already loads of food. Gave the Bday boy his present which was wrapped in ice..yeah...took a freaking long time to freeze the stuff in the ice, it was a near impossible task but i managed to do it. Took 24 hours at least! Gosh..i will never do it again coz the hardwork just went to waste as the ice was dropped from the 'sky' so that the prezzie can be 'obtained'. And SIMmers being the most creative of bunches, came up with the idea for the Bday boy and girl to lick the ice to get to prezzie..OMG! It was never my intention to do something so kinky no matter how long they lick, it's gonna take them ages!

Didn't get a chance to drink with CK (bday boy), instead got jioed by Jason Soh to drink. He jioed Cece, me and Ann to drink with him...Him drinking just volka with sprite and us drinking JD with the V&S mixture?!?! And he wanted the 3 of us to bottoms up with him!? I said..'wah lauz, where got fair?! Should be each one of us drink with you individually. So you ta with Cece first, then me then, let's not forget our drink has two types of alcohol inside, already discounted that..blah blah' Of coz it left him he ta with each of us individually. Actually we also kio tio...coz the next two drinks he took was like freaking high in Chivas content and very little coke...thanks to our already high bartender (yeap..he was mixiing drink and drinking the mixes at the same time, no wonder got drunk before the Bday boy!) In all, only ta 3 or 4 plastic ups of alcohol...and there's no more left...pity...haa...i'll never be late for such drinking parties again...heh..

Someone actually puked in the sink and we are still trying to get to the bottom of things. The suspects are Philip (the 'bartender') and DH (the one who discovered the puke). Philip cited that he wasn't the one and so did's damn gross lor...and Jonathan being so spontaneous, actually took a pic of the puke and showed it to everyone so that we can try to solve the mystery?! EEEwwwwEeeeKKsss!! And we ended up discussing if we belong to sink pukers or toilet bowl pukers...Haa...freaking bo liao...but that's the SIMmers' tradition!

Took loads of pics as glad for the first time that the pics taken with flash turned out pretty well! Will be uploading them very soon..

And the girls got some great exotic dance tips from Elizabeth (Bday girl) and are all pretty keen in taking it up..heh...ED here we come!! haa...and we started planning for next month birthday bash for the September babies...we already have our appointed dang jiu buddies for the night's gonna be a drunken disaster!!! I will die for sure!! Till then..we'd see how it goes..

For now, i'd just nuah and upload the pics later...reached home this morning around 5am? Had many dreams of weird things...anyhow, tomorrow's the start of my work's war fighting time..

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