Saturday, August 12, 2006


arghh...i shopped again yesterday...bought 3 tops and spent around $90. Thankfully, the movies and lunch were being paid's another spending spree!

was shopping around town after lunch...erm late lunch that is. Went to Ding Tai Feng and it was yums! Had wanted to go Pasta Cafe, but darn, they were closed for reno..sheesh...

Caught 2 movies in a row! I was entertained! 'The Fast & The Furious-Tokyo Drift' was fast moving and very energetic..i wanna get the DVDs!! In fact, i was so tempted that i headed down to HMV and nearly got part 1 and 2!! But resisted and decided to wait for the 3 in thing to complain about the show though...the drifting not very smooth leh and i cannot stand that guy who acted as Takashi..something's wrong with his expression...erm i should say he got no expression at all!! Nevertheless, Vin's appearance was unexpected!!! He's such a cool dude...i am hardly into beefcakes, but he sure is one exception!! Haa...

And if i have a remote control like the one in 'Click' woah...i am sure my life will be as chaotic as Micheal Newman...good show...had laughs, had's a 'toucmedy'...haha touching and comedy all in one...I am a fan of Adam all this shows...=)

It felt great watching two shows at one go!!! Since the last show i watched was like erm Lake House...tried several times to ask someone out for movies but to no avail! Argh...why do i allow myself to be landed in such a shitty situation!!?? Argghhhhh...he is annoying...and i am annoyed...haa...duh~

Anyhow, my week long leave will end come Monday...i foresee loads of stuff and freaking messes that need to be cleared...darn...some people are funny...I am not around and asked them serveral times to inform the relevant parties, they still sms me and tell me they didnt...WTF?? If you cannot get the gift that you promised the team earlier, then, jolly well go and tell them...why go through me esp since i am not in the office. It's so ridiculous!! Just send an email to them lah...fuck! It's not that difficult right?!! I am irritated and very unhappy about it...tmd..

i'm ready for the drinking party tonight..hee..

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