Thursday, August 10, 2006


my first countdown @ esplanade, it was like a picnic. Ann and JY brought food for SK2 and me. We gave part of our share to DH who arrived late. as usual, planned plans never materialized, we ended up doing something else. but it was still pretty fun.

Snippets of our conversations for the night..

cp: looks up into the skies, then looks at SK2 and me. 'I think it's erm likely to you know...rain?'

sk2: 'hey, you shouldn't say that!!'

me: 'no way!!'

dh: 'whenever i'm around, it'll never rain.'

so much for all these rain or don't rain talk. well, in the end, it did rain and we had a loads of fun sheltering ourselves from the rain. we used our make shift plastic mat which we sat on (it was actually the plastic table 'cloth'), and turned it into our shelter thanks to JY's lighting speed thinking.

JY: Hey, we should use Claudine's umbrella to be the centre for the plastic to fall onto so that everyone can be sheltered.

i was like duh, but it sounded logical and so we did just that.

we spent half an hour in our make shift shelter, refusing to budge a single step as we obviously had the best view of the impending fireworks display. some of us knelt, others seated, we did our best not to get drench by the rain brought about by passing clouds. pity the clouds didnt leave as fast as them bringing big droplets of rain to us. we started complaining of aches here and there, and finally, our patience paid off and the clouds finally left bringing the rain elsewhere. by the way, we were so 'innovative' that we even got photographed by a photographer from the chinese newspaper. we might be in the news today for all we know!

we waited, we entertained ourselves, we got partially drenched and got photographed by 'paparazzi' just so we could enjoy the finale of the spectacular fireworks at Esplanade.

was it worth it? i guess so. afterall, 10 mins of non stop fireworks!? how cool is that?

here's leaving everyone with what i managed to video during the event. didn't managed to do it continuously as i was lazy and didn't delete my cambodia pics thus my mmc didn't have enough memory for everything.

happy 2007 one and all. may the new year brings forth many more wonderful and happy memories, good health, wealth and lots of joy and love!

by the way, do reduce the volume of your comp as you will hear my crazy screaming as i couldn't contain my excitement whilst watching the fireworks. hee

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