Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sonic's @ Night Carnival stage

yeap! I got Sonic out of the water stage and out of the mirage stage. All in less than a day. Completed it as i was on the way to get my cod. Got Jerry bro to send to me darling's place to get the stuff. A whopping 2kg of it! Loads of cod to eat for the next couple of days! Yumz!

Had a tough time finding darling's place, went through a couple of U-turns...

so when we finally reached darling's place, his snow white cutie dog (Whisky or was it Biscuit?) kept smelling me and it didnt take darling's orders to not come close to me..Anyhow, darling asked me to choose between 2 packages of cod. So i asked if there were any difference? He said basically, both are 2kg. So i was like..huh..then choose for what? Ok, then i looked carefully between the two packages and realised that the one i have chosen are full fillets..haha..oh wellz, whatever that means...and his cutie dog started licking my toes...haha. Paid darling money and was going to leave and the crab topic started..

Darling: 'Eh, your crab how? I haven't order leh.'
me: 'How to cook the crab?'
Darling: 'I don't know, i don't eat crab.'
me 'How big is the crab?'
Darling: 'Wahh...quite big leh..about like that' (used his hands to indicate the size of the crab)
me: ' big'
Darling: 'Aiyah, you let me know 1 week in advance lah' (coz it takes 3 days for the crab to arrive after ordering)
me: 'okie..'

I am still contemplating. Funny thoughts came through my mind...the crab's gonna be a fun...i'm sure we can take loads of funny pics with it...even the thought of killing it already made me wanna laugh...i kinda decided that if we were to really get the crab, i'd just put the whole crab into the freaking BBQ pit and cover it up...but then, it's a freaking waste! So how does one cook/eat an Alaskan Snow crab??...*cracking my head*

Bro drove us to Chinatown makeshift hawker centre to grab some food. I was famished. Hadn't taken any breakfast or lunch coz i woke up at 1.15pm and only had loads of longans...wanted to go adam road, but didn't know what they had, bro suggested tiong bahru, i also didnt know what i wanted to eat there. Ended up at where we were and waited a long 30 to 45 mins for the claypot rice. Got steamed fish head, char kway tiao and kway chap for PK, dad and mom...the claypot rice would have been yums if it was more chao tar...haha i love chao tar stuff...has a crunchy smokey taste to it..heh...make the food even tastier..hah.

*as we drove to darling's place and back home, passed by someone's close yet so far away...and he didn't reply my message today.. prolly out of town again..*

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