Friday, August 25, 2006

ET's place

here i am at ET's place...hogging her comp and waiting for her to finish shower. Yeap...a Friday night and our plans were kinda messed up. It was supposed to be finish work, go over to this wine place which is near this prata place around SIM. Now that i think of it, i think it's Wine Cellar...oh wellz, nevermind. The night is still young, i guess we can still slowly decide..

it's a one woman operation today...many things to handle, many things couldnt handle...thank goodness there wasn't any operation failure related issues...else, i'd have died and gave up...still it was a tiring was 6pm before i knew it...

Mphosis is having sales!! Yup, bought a white sweater...normal looking and a pretty cool set of bangles..there's this halter dress which i have been eyeing ever since many months ago and it's finally on sale now...but i didn't get it today coz it was damn much as i don't mind wearing it...medium just isn't right and large is just too baggy....i think my current size sucks...i am neither exactly medium nor exactly is there such a thing call medium large? Perhaps i can set up a store for this group of people...haa...

i am happy today...delighted...extreme happiness...someone finally messaged me. Guess he just got back!! Haha...welcome back dude!!

Gosh...ET is still in the shower and erm we are supposed to meet darling and his gf at UE square at like 10pm...lucky darling is having dinner at Wa Gyu...i totally dig their beef's excellent!!! The Japanese alcohol there is also great!! Just that the price...hmm...on the high side i must darling says that if he strikes 4D, he'd give us a treat there again...*cross fingers and hope he strikes soon!*

Asked B out to chill with us...he says he's shy and is currently on idle mode...we are contemplating to go Wala coz it's near his place...well...shall wait for ET to be out and see if we can convince our dear B to join us tonight. After all, it isn't often that two girls want the company of 1 guy so badly...haa...what said you B?

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