Wednesday, August 23, 2006

mid week and i am burnt..

i am tired, i am sleepy, i am burnt. It's only Weds, i'm gonners. Nope, no drinks this week, thus far...perhaps that's why i am dying. I need a dose of alcohol. After an eventful last week, this week dulls in comparison.

Today, i left office at 8.30pm. I was pissed and complained to ET on phone for like half an hour. In fact, had i not been 'implicated' to do some work, i'd be able to go have ice cream with her and darling. Sighz...i'm fated not to have fun this week.

This week's office is FOS...and i feel my blood pressure rising to its peak. I guess it's lucky that i remembered to slow down to breathe...else i'd prolly die young of a heart attack. It's scary however that i had 3 cups of coffee today. Two coffee blacks w/o sugar and one coffee with sugar and cream..all from the vending unhealthy and i hate to rely on a caffeine fix to stay awake...and i am starting to snack more...its bad...

So...i AM in a BAD mood this week. Very bad in fact, to the extend that i came up with abbreviations for the passengers who travelled in the MRT as me in the morning. Things like SFB, The stagnants, PSM..well...if you managed to guess what they mean, i absolutely applaud you and like me, you have the brain of a museum curator...haa..i shall not type out in full what they meant coz i'd prolly be cursed and banished to hell...though having such thoughts already meant that i am beyond hope..

i realised that i have been gritting my teeth a lot lately as i sleep...i have no idea why. Stressed? Seriously missing someone? Beats the hell out of me...

Hopefully come Friday, as we meet our 18 years and squeeze out every last drop from it, i'd feel better...the guys have their own party this week and we are not invited...i am soooo bored!

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