Thursday, July 13, 2006

she who throws tantrums...

she who throws tantrums had be given the sack today. nope, no chance to 'exile' her to another dept, she was asked to leave less than an hour she stepped into the office. yes it was dramatic. tears shed, angry phone calls made, agency called and a small meeting was held at our station and we decided she has to go.

this my friends, is my first 'manage your people' session. i concluded, if i ever become someone's boss, i'd prolly be the lousy boss who shows favouritism and whom my subordinates might call a bitch...haa...oh wellz, we'll see.

way past my bedtime again. wanted to blog earlier, but decided to see what to wear tomorrow and tried too many outfits and just 5 mins ago, i decided to wear what i wanna wear tomorrow.

dinner tomorrow with Ivy, Sook and Li Li...haven't decided on the place...tonikichi perhaps..and have no idea what to do after dinner. clubbing plans perhaps, or just maybe zip home and watch 'Charmed', 'Smallville' and 'Ghost Whisperer' fact, Fridays can jolly well be stay home days!

went shopping. was surprised i resisted purchasing two tops and two dresses.. partially glad, but now thinking that i'd get the black top ultimately coz i do need one...ended up buying only two pair of earrings and a pretty cool necklace...from perlini's and mphosis...still..i needed to shop to relieve some stress...but in a cheap way...nearly got a pair of shoes again too!! haa...resisted as well...

and the trip next week...from club med, it became riding horse in jb and sandy beach in some part of malaysia, and subsequently, it became pheretien...and now tioman...sianz...i foresee it's not happening...might as well go with SC to Hong Kong.

tiring day today...had a rushed lunch and yeah i had my bubble tea fix, but it's not settling my craving coz i didnt drink it leisurely...i must have somemore tomorrow...meetings, meetings and emails, emails...typical work day...i prolly need alcohol even more...

but to bed i go's 1am already...*yawnz*

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