Wednesday, July 12, 2006

12 hours

what a day to go to work...the rainy mood so shiok, could have slept for ages!!

got my weekly 'project runway' fix...i need another fix...something that can be consumed! i have been craving for bubble tea for the whole week!!! It's a wonder that we have been going MS for lunch for the past three days...haiz...tomorrow we must go suntec...bubble tea...bubble tea...maybe have muthu's curry...hah

was in office for 12 hours today..woo hoo..back to the long work hour days again!
I must claim for meal allowances.

sent out like loads of email head's getting big and i bet everyone's prolly deleted my emails..have a presentation tomorrow, haven't even got the numbers and stuff..i am bad at 'ling chang biao xian'..remember i said i lost my wits sometime back? hmm would i be so nervous till i regerjitate my curry..erm if we eat curry tomorrow...haa...that will be so dramatic!!

must bitch..but short one. we are going to 'exile' the trouble maker to another department tomorrow after lunch. she's gonna be there till she serves her 'term' and byez. i guess we really can never judge a person by appearance.

BBWC wore a really cool mizuno tee today! Reminded me of someone who wore another mizuno polo tee...might buy it as a prezzie for that person. i think that person will look really good in BBWC has got 30% discount!! Heh...

next bitching..saw two cheapos from another dept who came over to our pantry and grabbed our biscuits..not in like small quantities..disgusting thing is...they seemed to have brought along with them a couple of big containers to take our biscuits supplies..gosh~ buay paiseh...should use hp to take photo...haa...GOTCHA red handed..and post it in the intranet...hee

off to zzz...15 mins to bedtime...i need my mask fix as well...

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