Sunday, July 16, 2006

as i wait for my hair to dry...

time: 3.36am

it has been a long day. i am tired but happy.

i was a bit sad initially. had smsed someone last night if he wanted to meet up for show coz i got movie vouchers. the person happily replied that he watched Superman. So i replied that we can watch 'Pirates' today but received no replies from him. Called him later, but he didn't pick up the phone either...i give up...yes, i'd stop being thoughtful for now...

went for massage and facial this afternoon, it was great! i needed that... i realised. tensed up shoulders and neck all over again. but all was taken care of after the massage. wonderful! it was so good that i realised i dozed off a couple of times and i kinda heard myself snoring as i woke. i was so embarrassed anyhow, other than the staff there, i doubt anyone else would know that the snoring person was me.

met sharon and went town. wanted to have spicy food so we went 'Thai Express' @ Paragon. The place was big, but they only had 4 staff on duty. 3 waiters and 1 cashier and a huge crowd. it was COB for them. they could not handle the response. we signalled countless times for the waiters to come over, either no one noticed us or before they reached our table, someone else from another table asked them for something. when we finally managed to get one waiter to come over, he took the order of the person at the next table first. i was pissed! i said to him 'excuse me, but we asked for you to come over first' and he actually ignored me and took the order of the person?! Even more pissed! Told Sharon that we'd leave and go somewhere else! what a load of crap! He oughtta thank me for not being nasty! Unfortunately, i'd write a feedback email to the management. it's ridiculous!

so we went over to tonkichi and ate till both of us were freaking full. Shopped for awhile and bought stuff from Face Shop @ Isetan Orchard...hee we got a pretty good bargain and now my mask supplies is up again! Proceeded to 'The Sanctuary' which was the al fresco place that is part of the indochine group. had chocolate martini and it tasted like baileys...not bad and 15 bucks was pretty worth it.

the band was boring so we decided to adjourn elsewhere. finally ended up at hong kong cafe, and we waited for angie to join us. she was having problems with the washing machine...haa...and we saw Timothy Nga..i think he's cute and i am pretty sure he's quite a chatty person..:) Saw Ed as he was leaving the place and he said that i looked good...sheesh..dont know real or bluff...and he mentioned that my cheeks were puffy...sighz..i have chubby cheeks Ed...i am sure you's not coz my wisdom tooth extraction.

talk about wisdom tooth extraction, i am thinking of getting rid of the other two maybe two months later. apparently, it seems to make my face look more proportionate and it's got something to do with the jaws. i noticed from the pics taken as well...hee...can i bear the pain though?? for the sake of looking good...i might as well...haa..

tonight i must have put on pounds...loads...i am going to get fat way..grapefruit juice diet i must...starting later...hee..

my hair's mostly dried and it's now 4am...time to to wake up early later.....


Anonymous said...

hey.. who is that person that you are toughtful too? someone i know??

claudine said... tell me who you are and i'd tell you if you know who that person is...claudz