Wednesday, July 12, 2006

mid week - weds

way past my bedtime. 43 mins in fact. should be asleep by now, but still wanted to blog.

just watched 'salem's lot' didn't know that it's a pretty cool show. Interesting. It's horror. Was it Stephen King's book? Hmm...i thought it seemed to be. Today's episode is about vampires. or has it always been about vampires? I don't think i recall catching glimpses of vampires in previous epis though.

had dinner with sharon today. ad hoc. not bad. had loads of sashimis. was at min's restaurant and managed to have a bit of catch up with her! she's pretty with her long hair and all. still fun, jovial and out going. happy to see her today! will catch up with her another day...hopefully soon.

busy day at work. my head just got extremely big. wrote down a checklist of what i had to do and how many emails i have to send. have to prep a presentation list for thurs as well...wah lauz...and training for my new sales support team and they have to track the conversions for my leads. many things...i have to be systematic. everyday must have a check list. anything and everything that comes in, onto the the recycled paper pad it goes. i believe i have to write down the process of some new items and i relieased i am always long winded and do not process my thoughts as to how i wanna phrase what i wanna phrase. i just rattle on and on and comes out all confusing. i feel terrible for the person who discuss important things with me. haha esp SC. she has to ask me so many questions to bring me back to the topic. haa...sorry SC! Will do my best and be straight to the point.

going to zzz...feel like shopping tomorrow...but money..nah..will get groceries.

shopping list:

grapefruit (4)

erm...that seems to be about it. hmm..then maybe i shouldn't go grocery shopping after work, seems like a waste of time..will see the way, there's this Japanese milk pudding called 'gyunyu pudding' is damn nice! soft as tofu and has a nice milky taste...i absolutely love it and find that it mixes well with fresh cherries. Gail says it's too sweet...i find it just nice. but it costs about 3 bucks, so erm still pretty ex.'s 1am...going off...till later...

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