Thursday, May 18, 2006

I cannot see the weekend coming...

This whole week seems like a freaking long one...gosh...everyday seems to drag by...time's not flying as fast as it project was launched on tues far...BBWC seems all right with it...and kinda announce it to the higher's pretty pressurizing...and now the higher ups can put a face to my name...i just wanna dig a hole and hide...indeed i am a perfectionist and i failure's not a good thing for me...but it is a good learning experience...i learnt a lot!

Took a trip to jb yesterday to brief some colleagues about the project...after that, took a short time to shop at gosh...i am a shopaholic...bought a pair of shoes...i resisted quite a bit as there was a pair which i was eyeing in SG as well but they didnt have the colour in jb...there were others but were last pieces or i decided finally not to get them even though there was SALE!!!! Thereafter, i ventured to MNG as tempted to buy sooooo many stuff from there...but because i couldnt remember the price of many items available in SG, i decided to skip and return to office to attend a sales launch party...i can only say that the foods' good...other than that...*zipped*

I went Isetan Scotts MNG after makan and bought a total of 3 items from there!! A top, a pair of smart looking short pants and a dress...YES!! I finally got the dress that i was eyeing since the new catalogue came out!! Phewz...though it was only on 5% discount...i was was great!! Pity i couldnt get bread from my favourite bakery...coz they were closed by the time i was done trying clothes in MNG.

Actually, i had gone to Isetan Scotts' MNG with a plan to reserve the items that i wanted to purchase for today's preview sale for members only. I'd never take leave to attend to this though everytime i am very much tempted to...the cashier and salesgirls were really nice..attending to everyone's enquiry regarding reserving items for the sale...mine as well..they said that today's promo was to buy 3 items and you get 50% discount...but the 3 items must be those that were selected...i was in a dilema...sighz...but i continued trying...i asked the salesgirls to take a new piece of the dress i wanted 3 times as all the pieces had flaws...they were very nice and happily helped me. That made me really happy as well. When i was about to pay, the cashier asked me if i wanted to buy the items i asked 'erm even if i were to reserve, i wouldn't know if they would be on discount or not right?'...the cashier looked at the items on the counter and then looked at me and say...'confirm they are not' so...i bought the stuff...albeit only at a discount of 5%...i was happy...coz...the three items were very nice and i love it!

Today, i was utterly pissed...even though i am supposed to assist to arrange timings for briefing sessions, product managers were being misled into thinking that i was supposed to liase with them regarding their briefings...tmd...they came up with questions like...what do you think of the training material? Is it good enough for the briefing? Do i have to go to JB to do briefings? Can we only conduct one short briefing session for all?? To all these, i just wanna say...'eh hello, i only arrange timing and the date for briefing...anything else please liase with those people in the service side..' how the f would i know if the training material is good or not?! You want everyone to know how to answer to customers about your product right...then jolly well go JB and conduct your training..and you think one short session of briefing everyone can attend at one go? Piangz...

Went with Fishy to catch MI3 last Sat. Gosh...the show totally rocked!!! Mag Q was darn chio! Her red dress uber chio!! The Brit guy who flew the chopper...damn yan dao lor!!! Haha..i wouldn't mind watching it again...Next show...'OVER THE HEDGE' confirm uber funny and of coz catching the live version of DA VINCI way i'm gonna miss that!

Siaming for now...

Indulging in..

Nama chocolate from Royce (Champagne and strawberry flavour)
Clothes from MNG
Shoes from VNC

Need to indulge in more...


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