Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some blogging time

At last, a little bit of time for my own blog!

It's tough having to ahem have 3 of which is my photo blog, the other is a blog for my group of friends and this one. A bit tiriing but i guess i am getting the hang of multi-tasking.

At work, SALES...(erm not related to GSS though) is the word...i am still the temp sales manager...i must say it has been pretty enlightening so far. Everything is in it's early stages, i am proud to be part of it...yet, though we are still developing and fine tuning lots of stuff to make the whole process easier for everyone, it's scary that results are to be shown within a short period of in a week, people want to know what's your a day, they want to know what's the sales of your product and how much your department brings's slightly crazy, although pretty much achievable if you work OT everyday and have all resources at your disposable...if not...wah...i can only say one can tahan only this far i must say i am learning lots of invaluable stuff which i'd never ever learn if not given the chance. I really must thank BBWC (though he's unlikely to read this blog and hopefully not in the near future) for giving me the opportunity to handle something like this of erm such scale and is indeed a great experience thus far...i will do my best.

Got a henna pattern on my left hand over the weekend and many people complimented that it was really nice. I agree that it's nice and even have the sudden urge to tattoo part of the design on my hand...then i started to think ahead...what if i get married one day...i don't want the tattoo to spoil my wedding pics leh..haha..that is if i'd ever get married...though i did think of tattoo a design on my hips...heh...but i'd keep the design a secret. Only Gail and Nicole know how it looks like =) Even though most people said the henna was a nice design, was kenar suanned by Nigel asking if i was going to marry someone of another race...duh...oh wellz...*question marks* so i replied an equally duh but real lah...coz it's free...and said i wanted to ask him about something...actually it's about tattooing, but the time and place wasn't appropriate as BBWC had guests at my station...not very nice to ask...haha..

Went Meidi-ya with Gail last god did we spend beyond our budget?! We ate at wasn't as good as i expected...kinda disappointed though and the service...kinda lousy...i had the Kyuushu ramen, gee..really cannot compare to the ramen i had in Miharu...pity...Meidi-ya was a bit disappointing as well...i expected lots more...unfortunately, there's nothing fact there are Japanese stuff which i can find elsewhere but not there. I still prefer the supermart at Isetan Scotts anytime and my favourite Sun Molin bakery!! But i did buy three cans of fruity beer. Am having one's made of the giant purple grapes and it really tastes wonderful and refreshing with a very fragrant grape smell. It has a wine red colour as well!! Coolz but it sets me back $3.95!! Expensive i must say!

I am happy that i can see the weekend coming!! Took leave for next Mon and Tues...cannot wait to get some sun. Contemplating to cut my hair...short in thanks to the weather i am starting to get irritated with having long hair...sighz..i am torn...i wanna have long hair...and some girly curls and stuff...but...don't know leh...i'd see how it goes and what mood brings what decisions...

Okie...going to KO...leave this read with whoever is reading..

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