Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Crazy Monday!

Contemplated about blogging and reading or sleeping...but decided to blog...gee is this a monday or what? How come they are showing 'Survivior'?!? Where's my 'Grey's Anatomy'?? Sighz...i consider today a lousy day. Nothing seems to go my way...argh and i am freaking tired but refuse to Zzz...stubborn me.

Tomorrow's the launch of my sales project. Crossing fingers hoping all goes well. Big boss WC was in really bad mood today, didn't dare go near him. Yet, appreciated his reassurance and patience for not blowing up on me. It's scary and i dont like to approach people or be even near people when they are angry...bad bad vibes ya know...i have stuff still yet to be completed and erm of coz i have to wait for product managers to give me the stuff that i need to get my people to sell...indeed an experience...everyday i am learning...funny that for the start of the year i said i wanted this year to be a learning year. The things that i have listed out that i wanted to learn, so far hasn't happened...yet i realised at work...as each day goes by...i am starting to learn...getting more inputs and stuff...unconciously...i am learning a lot of things...yet i always think of learning as more of a learning about love kind of thing...seems like finding someone is most important as of current...but the interest of looking is kinda dissipating...guess it's all thanks (and sincere thanks i must add in case they think i am being sarcastic) to my pals coz of all the activities that they have allowed me to plan and are so spotting to attend and also help and all...i must say i have added more wonderful memories to my life!! It's great in a way..

I was actually trying to figure out lots of things in blogspot last night...secretly i had fun...changing the fonts and the colours of the background and adding tagboards etc...i stayed awake till 2am...which hardly happened except for a couple of days when i was thinking of somebody as well as insecure thoughts that kept me awake...i think i am going to fall sick soon...after the project i guess...always the case...

Shall take off for now.

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