Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another space

Frankly speaking, i hate to change blog sites. It's really troublesome...having to sign up, decide on the background design, inform your friends about the new on and so forth. However, this definitely is for the better. The friendster's blog is getting sucky and friendster is getting sucky as well..with the slow uploading of pics and the many error messages that say that your captions cannot be's really irritiating..

Anyway, blogspot seems fun. I currently have another blog on blogspot which is solely for photos. Nice! There's another which is a team blog. It's meant to be a discussion forum of sorts as well as a photo 'album' of our pics during our outings and of coz everyone one in the gang has a chance to blog about everything and anything. We've explored like 2 blog site to finally decide on Blogspot. Let's hope we can keep it going.

Guess i am still not in the mood to blog...kenar arrowed to be temp sales so many things to do and havent finish much...deadline is on Tues...sighz...had loads of cramps over the weekend...couldn't do so many things...sighz...i havent had cramps for a damn freaking long time...wonder why it is back again...could have been the food and the alcohol i guess...sheesh..or perhaps cold drinks...i'm getting sleepy though i slept till 2pm today...gosh...but i guess that's coz i was reading a book till 5.30am in the morning...I am proud to say that i have finally managed to complete a book after soooo many months!! Great getting some momentum here. Choosing my next reading habit is coming back...i'm glad!! Ladies, do read 'A Bride Stripped Bare'!! It's a book about a woman and for women. Check out some quotes i blogged in my friendster's blog. Makes a lot of sense in each and every chapter.

More to write when i have the time. Now for my beauty regime and somemore sleep...good week ahead i hope!!

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