Thursday, January 13, 2011

back to blogging

am starting to blog again because i have so many thoughts and i think i need to put into words either to formalise certain things if not, to get a sense of things.

embarking on the Mon-solution concept was well worth it. tide me through the first 7 months of 2010 and yes, i became complacent. in fact, each month that passed without me putting my mon-solutions into my blog, i felt uneasy.

this year, i need to embark on something new. i term it 'SPARKS'... it's something i have to do and am being measured to quite a huge extend.

sparks is something about innovation and thinking out of the box. putting ideas into workable reality.

sounds huge to me.. have been and always was..

this year, i need to change my mindset.

i need to embark on a daily journey in search of sparks and make them burn brightly.

i don't know how i am going to do it. i just started reading and using the tools suggested in the book.

first couple of pages, it already started making me think.

i guess it's a good start, but hopefully the environment will be encouraging.

let's see how it goes.

trying to get inspired so, will put an idea a day in the blog.

Innovation of the day:

Saw the news yesterday that scientists had problems capturing coloured images in mars because of the heat from the sun. inspired by the stained glass from churches, they noticed that even after years, these stained glass still retain the same colour as before. so, they used this idea and concept to design the lens of the robots exploring mars. They were successful in capturing coloured images not destroyed by the sun.

note: - ideas from old age can also be put into innovation of today.

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