Sunday, October 31, 2010

October getaway - Korea Day 1

Korea Day 1 - 16 Oct around 1200 hours

Weather: Fair + Cool

Time: 11 ish (Korea is 1 hour behind SG time)

The fligh from Shanghai to Seoul airport was about an hour close to two. we managed to reach Korea safe and sound. I like Korea's airport for it's Zenish design at the same time, the colour of the wood they use are not too dark or too light. it gives me a sense of calm.

We met our tour guide and he immediately took us to the bus. I thought he was rather old. A head of white hair but somehow, his features didn't equate the age of an elderly. In any case, his age was quite a mystery then. He introduced himself as Han Min Yin and we could call him MY for short. He also had an 'apprentice' whom we can address as 'Xiao Wen' who is about 25 years old? Anyway, MY made us felt better when he showed his empathy of knowing the fact that our first leg was an unguided tour but we ultimately made it safe to Korea. He was talking away but i think some of us fell asleep. I was busy taking photos and didnt listen lots, though he was talking a bit of korea history and he even gave us the 'itinerary' of the things he was going to say for the rest of the trip. Some time during the bus ride, i fell asleep..

So our first stop was to have lunch. We had to eat food coz we were all hungry by then. first day's lunch was stewed pork which was at a touristy place and the pork was cooked too long. though rice and seaweed was pretty awesome and so was kimchi. after having a satisfied meal, MY told us that we will be Everland first instead of going to the hot spring at Aqua world coz he felt that we will feel better if we soak our tired bodies the next day. Everyone was ok, and so we went to Everland. I also think it's because the entire tour group were all adults as such, the time we had left to spend in Everland should be sufficient.

I like Everland, for it's deco. It has such fairytale-ish decos and because it's Halloween, it had this magical feel! Even though we were tired, we managed to cover quite a few things. We also managed to catch an animal show as well as the grand parade. We had OTOT till 8pm where we were supposed to meet MY and Xiao Wen by then at the entrance.

Everland is designed such that when you reach the entrance, imagine you are at the top of a hill. As you move deeper, it also means that you are going down the hill. so to meet back at the entrance, we have to go uphill again. Although there is this cable ride up, the queue was quite long. In any case, this didnt occur to us whilst we explore this wonderful, magical and beautiful place. It only occurred to us when we were walking back up, it was indeed a tough hike given that we were all so tired!

Thank goodness we looked good enough to take nice pics during our time day. But as night falls, the weather became really cold, especially with the wind blowing. However, it's still not the kind of cold where it's like you are being spiked with ice. It was just chilly. With my jacket, it was pretty sufficient. I also wore a quilted dress and tights with half tights as well as boots. Not too bad.

I bought quite a lot of souvenirs from Everland. The stuff were so pretty and cute, it was hard for me to resist for sure! I heart heart Everland :)

After that, we headed to the bestest hotel for the entire trip. It's Alpensia Holiday Inn. It's actually a condo and it's so homey! Super lurve the hotel. Too bad there was no snow during this period else we can see the peak covered with snow and people skiing! Really happening.

By the time we reached the resort, we were so tired. We all fell asleep on the way. The next morning, we had to get up early and meet at like 630am, in the end i only slept around 12 ish coz was watching WGM with no subs and waiting for my hair to dry. The bed was so comfy and the floor was heated. Very very cool.

Had a good sleep that night but not sufficient.

PS: Uploading of pics function not working now. Will try to upload when the function is working proper.

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