Monday, August 02, 2010

Be objective

i wonder how snappy i can be to put up an entry.

this happened today in the afternoon where Mr C wanted to ask me to work with an 'old' colleague to organise a team bonding session. i down right refused and he commented that this was the first time without thinking i just said no.

it's interesting how such an immediate reaction came from me, and saying no to my boss so directly probably is career suicide.. haha well i guess when it comes to that colleague, best to stand guard.

i think 3 years of psychotic 'abuse' is nuff said. exaggerating perhaps, but this person is super crazy about mind games. from then till now, the traits havent changed. not even a bit. it's easy to know what she is thinking these days and not care so much.

somethings about people i cannot stand, yet there's no control over. i think if one 口口声声says that they have moved on, they jolly well mean it. i hate it when people starts lamenting about what's stopping them from moving on and how hurtful it is that people can't understand etc.. i just think they are not making an effort and finding someone/somethings to blame.

10 years ago, i'd pity and cry along with the person, a decade on, sorry.. i don't even want to think about working together for even the simplest project. i can be objective, yet i know the person is unlikely to be and would perhaps think of the best way to get back at me.

so mr C if you are reading this, it's how strongly i feel about this particular person. :)

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